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    What types of steel can I purchase from Metro Steel?

    At Metro Steel, you can purchase various types of special steels, which include stainless steel, high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel, tool steel, and alloy steel. These steels are known for their exceptional performance in harsh conditions and are useful in a wide range of applications due to their distinctive chemical compositions and mechanical properties.

    How is steel made?

    Steel is made by alloying iron with carbon and other elements, providing high tensile strength and versatility for uses ranging from construction to appliances, at a cost-effective price.

    Is the steel offered by Metro Steel sustainable for my projects?

    Yes, steel is a uniquely sustainable material because it can be infinitely recycled without losing quality, ensuring that the investment in steel is always valuable and eco-friendly.

    Why should I choose stainless steel for my project?

    Stainless steel is renowned for its rust resistance and durability, with some forms being 200 times more resistant to rusting than other types of steel, making it an excellent choice for projects requiring longevity.

    How strong is steel compared to iron?

    Steel can be up to 1000 times stronger than iron, making it a superior choice for construction and manufacturing​​.