We can do anything with steel

Our ability to process steel-in house, with a variety of services in one location, saves time and money, and the tight supply chain ultimately rewards our customers with a better service.

We house a wide range of equipment which means we can offer an extensive range of steel processing services such as cutting, bending, notching, punching, guillotining, profiling, rolling and cropping. This means we can confidently meet customer demand for the best quality components and deliver on time, every time.

Processing steel across a range of industries

We process steel across a wide range of industries from manufacturing through to DIY so no matter what you need we have the skills and equipment to cater to your requirements.

We work with our customers

Our team of experts will work with you to find ways of cutting your costs whilst providing you with the steel products and services that you need to maintain your business. It’s not enough for us to just sell you a product. We are committed to the quality and service that our long standing customers have come to expect. If you have a specific steel request why not give us a call on 07 3204 1000 or send us an email on sales@metrosteel.com.au

Comprehensive Steel Processing Services

Our suite of services encompasses a broad spectrum, from the custom fabrication of steel components to the provision of structural steel and steel sheets. With an extensive range of steel grades at our disposal, we are adept at catering to the diverse needs of our customer base, spanning across construction materials to agricultural machinery and recreational vehicles. Our commitment to timely delivery and project-specific requirements sets us apart as experts in steel processing.

Technological Mastery and Equipment Excellence

Metro Steel prides itself on utilising advanced manufacturing processes and precision equipment, facilitating professional steel processing across a variety of applications, including aluminium processing for aluminium coil and aluminium products. This technological edge ensures competitive cost without incurring additional cost, embodying our dedication to cost-effectiveness and design requirement fulfilment.

Diverse Industry Expertise

Our expertise extends across a wide range of industries, demonstrating our capability as a versatile steel fabricator, supplier and processor. From the construction industries to the manufacturing sector, our experienced team leverages extensive experience and steel processing expertise to deliver solutions that enhance the level of efficiency and customer service. This adaptability ensures that we meet the manufacturing processes and design requirements of a broad customer base with professionalism and precision.

Tailored Solutions and Efficiency Optimisation

At Metro Steel, we understand the importance of customised solutions in achieving maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients. Through our Steel Efficiency Review process, we strive to identify opportunities for cost reduction while maintaining our commitment to quality and timely delivery. Whether your project involves coil plate, sheet metal, or any type of steel component, our aim is to provide quick turnaround times and additional services that exceed expectations.

Unwavering Quality and Customer Commitment

Our pledge to quality and excellence in customer service is the bedrock of our ethos at Metro Steel. We are committed to delivering quality steel components and an extensive range of steel processing services, ensuring each project benefits from our extensive experience and dedication to excellence in steel fabrication. Our team is devoted to upholding the highest standards of professional steel processing, ensuring customer satisfaction and project success.

Engage with Metro Steel

For bespoke steel solutions that marry quality with efficiency, Metro Steel is your ideal partner. We invite you to contact us to explore how our expertise in steel processing can elevate your projects. Whether it’s structural steel, custom steel fabrication, or specialised steel processing services you require, our team is prepared to deliver with excellence and precision. Reach out to Metro Steel and let us contribute to the success of your next steel project with our unmatched expertise and commitment to customer service.

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    What types of steel can I process for my projects?

    You can process various types of steel, including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and tool steel, each suited for specific applications due to their unique properties.

    What exactly is steel processing and how does it affect my project?

    Steel processing involves various operations like cutting, shaping, and forming steel into desired forms, which is essential for tailoring steel components to specific project requirements.

    Why do I need professional steel processing for my construction needs?

    Professional steel processing ensures precision and quality in your steel components, which is crucial for the structural integrity and longevity of your construction project.

    Can steel processing improve the durability of my steel products?

    Yes, through processes like tempering and galvanizing, steel processing can significantly enhance the durability and corrosion resistance of your steel products.

    What is the most commonly used type of steel that I should consider for versatility?

    Type 304 stainless steel is the most widely used due to its balance of chromium and nickel, offering durability and resistance to corrosion.