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    Steel Fabrication

    At Metro Steel we offer a full fabrication service. Our highly skilled team has the ability to take raw metal materials and turn them into recognisable products, parts, or structures, for use on a multitude of projects. We serve a wide range of customers all looking for a fast, accurate, and efficient service. These include contractors, architects, builders, manufacturers, and individuals. In short, we can help with your steel fabrication requirements.


    Quality Service 


    At Metro Steel our company has earned the reputation as the ‘go to’ place in the Brisbane area for all metal products. With our competitive pricing, attention to detail, and above all speedy service, we give you what you want when you want it!


    Our company prides itself on servicing the needs of a wide and varied client base. Customers include large Brisbane construction companies and builders, through to architects, manufacturers, and individuals. All of who are looking for that fast, efficient, and accurate service that we know we can provide. In essence we deliver quality metal solutions to support the success of our customers.

    Steel Sales

    If you need a particular steel product then you can rest assured that Metro Steel have it covered. Whether you’re after RHS, plate, pipe, flat, or angles we have a wide range of sizes and lengths in varying diameters. Additionally we also carry a variety of sundries and consumables including gate and fence fittings, fasteners, turn buckles, post plates, and sheet steel as well as a selection of safety gear



    Our purpose-built premises in Kabi-Circuit, Deception Bay houses a wide variety of equipment and machinery needed to meet the demands and standards our clients have come to expect. Thanks to the expertise of our highly-experienced tradesmen we not only turn your project ideas into a reality, but we get the job done fast.


    We know that for many of our clients, time is money so if you have a priority project with a tight deadline we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. In fact our ability to carry out a wide variety of processes in-house including bending, notching, cutting, guillotining punching, cropping, and rolling means that we can deliver the best quality components on time, every time.

    CDW Roll Cage Tube

    We have a range of 350G CDW tube which meets CAMS & CCDA specifications for roll cages.
    With all the popular sizes in stock we can often dispatch the same day.

    Metro Steel – If You Need It We’ll Make It


    Over the years, we’ve processed and fabricated steel across a wide variety of industries in addition to making items for individual use. Whether you’re in the construction or manufacturing, if you need it we can make it.


    From structural steel through to garden gates or High end metalwork items such as Mono Stringers, our skilled team have the knowledge and experience to get the job done. If it’s steel, aluminium or stainless and you need it, then it’s safe to say that we’ve got it covered.

    Steel Processing

    At our Kabi Circuit Facility we process a wide range of metal products. This includes cutting punching & drilling products. Whether you require large or small quantities we can cater to your needs. We pride ourselves on the industries best accuracy and turnaround times.