Why Is Steel Such An Effective Construction Material?

??????????????Durability, versatility, and affordability are the three main reasons that steel products are commonly used in construction today. No matter what project you’re working on, chances are you’ll be using steel in some part of it. Here are some of the most popular reasons that steel is so often the material of choice for construction projects.

What steel is used for

Steel is used for a whole plethora of projects including the infrastructure for buildings and bridges, and all manner of modern architecture from swanky tower blocks to residential homes. Steel beams are also used in buildings made from other materials such as concrete to reinforce them. Steel is also a major part of our daily lives since it’s used widely in domestic appliances, furniture and cars, as well as small components such as screws, nuts, bolts, tools, and various other building supplies.

Beneficial for buildings

Steel has the highest ratio of strength to weight amongst all other building materials which makes it extremely durable and an obvious choice for building construction of any scale. It’s also necessary to follow certain standards and grades in the production of steel so this makes it very consistent, which is why you’ll always get perfectly square corners, straight walls and functioning doors. Other reasons for its popularity is that it’s fire resistant, so in the event of a fire it doesn’t burn and add fuel to the fire. Also, unlike wood which is organic, steel won’t rot, warp, crack, break, or twist. All of these reasons make for a material which is very low maintenance yet enhances the value of a property which has used steel in its construction.

Environmentally friendly

Steel is one of just a few products which can be recycled continuously and almost any steel product that you use probably contains at least 25% recycled steel. Recycling doesn’t weaken steel and if you take your old steel to a recycling centre then it will soon be used somewhere else.

Steel also produces less waste than wood during the manufacturing process, notably just 2% compared to 15-20%.

Cost effective

All of the above reasons are why steel is such an affordable choice for construction projects. Because steel often contains partly recycled steel, and is designed to last, it means that projects utilising steel will often be more cost effective than others using wood or different metals. Because of this saving construction companies can be more competitive when tendering for work, which means more profit for them and more success as a company.

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