What Is Metal Fabrication And How Do Metal Fabricators Operate?

BU001401Metal fabricators are an important part of any construction process involving metal. From decorative wrought iron gates through to the latest must have machinery, somewhere along the line you can guarantee that a metal fabricator has been involved in the process. But what exactly are they and what do they do?

In essence, metal fabrication is the means by which raw metal materials are turned into component parts for construction. This may involve many processes such as melting, pressing, bending, cutting and shaping metal into exacting items. Whether this is pipework or beams for a new build house or a decorative spiral stairway to give your house that all-important wow factor, metal fabricating is known as a value added process simply because the process turns raw material into something usable, therefore adding value.

How do they operate?

Metal fabricators can either be large factories who work specifically with one company (for example a large oil company may employ metal fabricators to make the pipework for their oil rigs) or alternatively they may be smaller concerns who deal with bespoke one off projects. Smaller companies might put in tenders for work by submitting detailed plans and costings, or they may get repeat business from a local contractor who has worked with them for many years.

Once a contract has been awarded the materials need to be ordered or even made. Some of these materials might include

  • Plate metal
  • Expanded or pre-formed metal
  • Fittings
  • Castings
  • Welding wire


The fabricator might also use specialised machinery to roll, press, cut, and bend the metal to specific detailed shapes. In addition specialist band saws and laser cutting equipment is used to shape the metal to perfect dimensions. Once all the parts are made, they’re then welded together to form the finished item. It’s at this stage that the final touches are added such as sand blasting, painting, powder coating for protection, or polishing.

As you can see metal fabrication is a highly skilled job that needs great attention to detail. Many metal fabricators also specialise in specific processes based on the needs of their client. These include spinning, drawing, shearing, brazing, punching,welding, forging and punching and might also include highly specialised techniques including hydraulic and electrical services.

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