6 Of Most Commonly Asked Questions About Powder Coating

powder coatingWe understand the importance of good looking steel work for our customers which is why we also offer a powder coating service to match your décor. As a result we thought we’d put together some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive about powder coating

Powder coating – What exactly is it?

Powder coating is way of applying a decorative and protective finish to all manner of products using a dry free-flowing powder. The powder is made from ground up particles of resin and pigment which are sprayed electrostatically onto a surface. These charged particles then stick to a surface which has been electrically grounded until heated and fused on a curling oven to give a smooth finish.

What colours are available?

We have a wide selection of colours as standard but if you have something specific in mind then just give us a call or drop in and see us, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

What materials can be powder coated?

Typically powder coating is applied to metal substrates such as aluminium, steel, and zinc coated steel. There are however some new technologies evolving which can coat MDF and other materials.

What benefits does powder coating offer?

  • It can be re-cycled
  • It’s environmentally friendly, unlike spray painting
  • Durability – the finished coating is highly resistant to scratching, marking and chipping
  • Cost effective finish with many different effects


How long will powder coating last?

This is a difficulty question to answer because its longevity is affected by various factors including pollution, general deposits, and salt. We recommend that you follow the maintenance tips below to get the most from your powder coated product.

How do I care for my powder coated product?

A simple regular regime can be implemented to get rid of any residues and extend the life of your protective coating.

To clean your coated surface:

  • Wipe with a damp sponge to get rid of any loose particles of dirt
  • Use a soft cloth or brush with a solution of mild household detergent to remove any ground in salt or dirt
  • Rinse off with clean fresh water


Avoid using detergents that recommend you wear gloves when using them as this indicates they will be harsh and may damage your powder coating.

If you need something special for the home or workplace made from steel then come and speak to us. We can arrange for your product to be hot dipped galvanised to offer protection against corrosion or we can powder coat it in the colour of your choice. We deal with all projects from something as simple as a garden gate to something more complex as building a new warehouse. Call Metro Steel today on 07 3204 1000 or drop in on us at our Deception Bay site.