What Is Steel Processing And How Does It Work?

recycling steelOne of buy sildenafil citrate online the most interesting and important facts about steel is that it can be recycled time and time again without losing any of its qualities. Items such as aluminium cans are a prime example. As such, steel makes for a very sustainable product. Therefore, the term ‘steel processing’ refers to the recycling or re-use of old steel products and turning them into brand new products, parts or machinery. Ideally a new steel product contains around 60% recycled materials, making it one of the most reused components in the world.

It used to be that specialised centres were the only places that were able to process steel, but now many steel fabricators process their own. This means a faster turn around and a more efficient service for their customers. So how exactly is steel processed?

Re-processed stainless steel is produced in a melting process where anything from steel pots and pans to galvanized steel items and even old kitchen appliances are used. They are heated up to incredibly high temperatures (around 1400 degrees) in either an electric arc furnace or a blast oxygen furnace. The molten material is then extracted and poured into fire proof containers ready for rolling out to form metal sheeting or other component parts.

So what are the advantages to processing steel?

From an environmental perspective the advantages to processing steel in this way rather than solely from mineral extraction are massive. As an example, for every ton of recycled steel used in the process, over two tons of iron ore are saved. This means a major reduction in mining and the effect that has on the land. From an energy perspective steel processing also wins hands down because it takes 25% less energy to melt it than it does iron ore. Finally, it’s well-documented that iron ore extraction and processing has in the past been responsible for the pollution of nearby land and water supplies. Therefore using a higher concentration of recyclable products in the steel making process is going to cut down on the amount of iron ore needed, and of course the connotations that has on the nearby land and waterways.

From a cost perspective

To put it simply, it costs far less to manufacture steel using recycling processes than to make it using 100% mineral products. This saving can then be passed onto the end customer/user.

As you can see, steel processing is beneficial in so many ways, not least to our environment.

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