Top Reasons to Work With an Australian Steel Fabricator

Steel is a competitive market and is produced all around the world. With countries such as China being among the largest producers of steel, it’s hardly surprising that they’re pushing the prices down lower than domestic steel. Tempting as it may be to purchase international steel, it’s important to consider both the level of quality and the economic effects. We’ve listed some of the top reasons for working with an Australian steel fabricator starting with quality.

Quality Matters

Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial project, the longevity and long-term safety of the finished structure is of the utmost importance. With large amounts of steel fabricated overseas flooding the market place, safety concerns have been raised by quality control experts.

While you may save money dealing with an offshore fabricator, there’s also the risk of receiving a product that is unsafe or incorrectly labelled. Fabricators from overseas don’t have the knowledge of Australian standards and could be using processing techniques that are outdated and which reduce the strength of steel. this, in turn, will have a negative effect on both the structural integrity and the appearance of your finished product.

In other words, dealing with an international steel fabricating company is not worth the risk. Metro Steel is an Australian owned and operated company. We adhere to strict Australian guidelines and have 15 years’ experience and an in-depth understanding of steel. We are a reliable and safe choice for all your steel fabrication needs and you’ll benefit from:

  • A fabrication service for any project with Australian standard compliance steel. We help owner-builders, architects and engineers achieve great results with our bending, rolling, cutting, folding, welding, and plasma/profile cutting services
  • Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service and totally committed to quality – this is what we’re best known for
  • Knowledge and skill that our team have in abundance both for trade, industry, and DIY
  • Cutting edge technology – we utilise the latest machinery to improve quality and efficiency
  • A full-service fabricator – We also carry out painting and powder-coating to finish products

Supporting the Australian economy

Supporting the local steel industry prevents it from collapsing which would leave thousands of Australians unemployed and lead to a permanent loss of key skills.

The takeaway

Cutting corners never makes sense in construction and not only puts the safety of inhabitants at risk but also the workers on the construction site.  

Don’t opt for inferior steel products, instead make Metro Steel your go-to steel fabricator. We provide quality steel at a reasonable price and look forward to serving you.

Contact us on 07 3204 1000 to discuss your project or drop by our purpose-built facility.

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