How Your Home Could Benefit From Metal Fencing

metal fencing

Enclosing the perimeter of your property with metal fencing enables you to make your property look even more stylish and provides many benefits too. When properly installed, your home will be the envy of your neighbours. Here are just some of the benefits that metal fencing brings.

Visual contrast with your surroundings

One of the main benefits of a metal fence is that it looks good with almost any house design. Steel, iron, and aluminium are lovely options in rural areas where gardens and leafy surroundings are the norm. Dark metal finishes look great against light-coloured porches, swimming pools, and deck areas. An ornamental fence has that added elegance that gives a property a stately feel. In almost all cases, well-crafted metal fences will add value to your property.

Extremely durable

Typically, metal fences last longer than timber fences which can all degrade due to the harsh Australian winter and termite infestation. Metal fences need very little maintenance and are treated to withstand corrosion, unlike wooden fences which will need to be regularly sealed, re-painted or re-stained. Also, unlike timber fences, they won’t warp and will retain their robust stately appearance without leaning to one side or the other.

Crime deterrent

A professionally installed metal fence will also deter criminals and can be made as tall as you wish and capped with narrow points so that it’s exceedingly difficult to climb over. Metal fences can also be attached to electronic gates and other security systems to keep potential criminals away from your property. Many of the elegant barbs on top of metal fences have decorative appeal and are such that you might find near a grand fountain in a park.


Both steel and aluminium are metals that are widely used in other industries so if you ever decide to make a change to your fencing, your fence can be completely recycled. In fact, by choosing metal over wood, you are helping to save the environment. Many people choose to have their metal fencing powder coated in a variety of colours to maximise its durability and also to complement their décor, so it’s good to that powder coating minerals will not adversely affect the recycling process either.


Metal fencing is also very versatile with regards its size, shape and style. While an ornamental fence will set you back more than a basic metal fence, it’s possible to get upfront quotes to know what works best with your budget.

With a beautiful metal fence around your property, you’ll be pleased with the added kerb appeal and have peace of mind that your family and possessions are as safe as they can be.

If you’re interested in metal fencing then Metro Steel can help. We stock a wide range of steel fencing and can tailor it to your needs. Why not contact us on 07 3204 1000 or drop by our facility in Deception Bay.  

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