The Advantages Of Stainless Steel Balustrading

stainless steel balustradesIf you’ve ever walked up or down a flight of stairs that contains stainless steel balustrading then you’ll probably have noticed the aesthetic sleek appearance, the tactile feel and contemporary nature of it. The truth is a gleaming steel balustrade can add a certain glamour to an otherwise bland staircase and can transform it into something special. Aside from this however, there are other advantages too. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Easy to match

A stainless steel balustrade has the ability to cleverly combine the old and the new, the rustic, and the contemporary. In fact it often works better when paired with wood, glass or even stone to give a contrasting, yet appealing look. In essence it can be mixed and matched with a wide variety of materials to create that real wow factor.


Compared to wood which can be prone to fading, scratching, and splitting, stainless steel balustrades are built to last. They don’t rust and can stand pretty much anything that life throws at them. Once fitted they don’t need any other treatment other than an occasional clean and if cared for properly are incredibly long-lasting.

Great way to create a luxury look

With stainless steel balustrades you have the option of either a mirrored or satin finish both of which create a luxurious finish, whatever you pair them with. Just imagine the glint of a steel balustrade or handrail set against dark wood. Alternatively how about pairing it with glass for that cutting-edge, eye-catching, luxury look. Curve them round in a sweeping style for that ultimate Hollywood glamour look – or keep it simple with contrasting angles.

Majority of work fabricated on site

When most stainless steel balustrades and handrails are installed they’re fitted in situ. This is opposed to other materials which are often fitted in a factory first before being transported to site for final assembly. The advantages of the former are that the job can be carried out more precisely with less chance of error. The fabricator can also polish on-site once the job has been completed saving you both time and inconvenience.

So there you have it, 4 great advantages of stainless steel balustrading.

If you’re thinking of adding a modern twist to your home and really like the idea of adding a stainless steel handrail or balustrade then come and talk to Metro Steel. We’ve been fabricating metal at Deception Bay for many years and as such have the experience and the skills to deliver a truly bespoke solution that’s sure to turn heads. Give us a call on 07 3204 1000 and put us to the test. We guarantee you’ll be impressed.