How Does Custom Metal Fabrication Work?

custom stainless steel BBQIn broad terms metal fabrication is taking a piece of metal and then cutting, moulding, or shaping it into a final usable product. This may include standard stock metal components such as bars, metal sheeting, and metal rods which are a fabricator’s staple. In fact you’ll see these types of components in construction and building work all over the world. Generally speaking these are the type of products that usually keeps a fabricator in coffee.

Because most metal fabricators churn out bars, rods, and sheets, by the ton often people tend to forget that metal fabricators are highly skilled individuals, many of whom can work wonders with metal. As such a metal fabricator is the ideal solution for customers who want non-standard metal components or even one-off bespoke pieces. The idea is that a person comes to them with a concept in mind and from this a skilled metal fabricator should be able to



  • Conceptualise
  • Create
  • Build
  • Finish
  • Assemble


your product. Here’s how it works…

Firstly using computer aided design programs (CAD) a skilled fabricator should be able to conceptualise a product, taking into account factors such as strength, versatility, structure and appearance. The program will also help to identify any possible structural weaknesses which need to be addressed before the construction phase.

Once the product has been designed the fabricator uses a wide range of methods such as casting, drawing, extrusion, forging, welding, drilling, milling and punching to achieve the required product shape.

Finally it’s the assembly and finishing phase where all the component parts are fitted together just like one large metal jigsaw. This is where the product is then finished to specification. This includes protective processes such as painting, galvanising, or powder coating, and aesthetic processes such as mirroring and turning.

So what kind of products can be customised?

Literally anything from decorative gates and railings through to balustrades and staircases; from Mezzanine floors through to privacy screens and even specialist machinery. What’s more, they can be made in all types of material from copper and brass through to silver and varying types of steel. In fact if you imagine it, a skilled fabricator should be able to construct it.

Here at Metro Steel we’re an experienced team who have the skill to construct custom designs and one-off bespoke pieces, as well as the day-to-day metal bars, pipes, and sheeting that’s consistently in demand. We’ll see your project through from idea to realisation however ‘out there’ you think it is. If it’s imaginable, we’re pretty sure we can build it. Got a project idea? Then contact us today on 07 3204 1000 to find out more about how we can help.