4 Great Reasons Why You Might Want To Install A Mezzanine Floor In Your Business

Mezzanine floorIf I could lay a bet on a thought that hadn’t crossed your mind today, that would be easy! It’s mezzanine flooring of course! You might not have even heard of it, but if for some strange reason the subject of Mezzanine flooring has cropped up in your thoughts lately then this post could be just what you’re looking for. So without further ado, I’m going to give you 4 great reasons why your business should consider a mezzanine floor.

Before we delve right in however, what exactly is a mezzanine floor?

Well, this is what Wikepedia has to say….

A mezzanine floor acts as an intermediate floor between two main floors of a building. It often comes with a low ceiling and usually takes on the form of a balcony”

So with that cleared up, let’s go…

A Mezzanine floor creates space

If ever there was an easier way to create more space in a cost-effective way than a mezzanine floor, then it’s yet to be invented. They’re relatively cheap to assemble, easy to install, and can make a huge amount of difference if you’re struggling for floor space in your existing warehouse, retail space, or office. In fact a well-designed mezzanine floor can give you double or even triple your existing space while keeping within the same parameters of the building. How impressive is that?

A mezzanine floor adds value

If you own small warehouse, storage facility, office or property and you suddenly increase the amount of space you have, then it’s only going to add monetary value to that property. Simply by building upwards instead of extending outwards, you’re utilising the existing area you have in order to create more space. That’s something any potential purchaser in the future would happily pay for.

A mezzanine floor offers flexible use

If you’re thinking that a mezzanine floor is good for storage only, then you might want to think again. Did you know for example that they make a great office areas? Alternatively how about a bedroom, study, or sitting area in a residential property? It’s fantastic when you can create multiple floors in a building without having to pay the cost of leasing a larger building to accommodate your needs.

A mezzanine floor is a cost-effective option

Agreed a mezzanine floor may cost you a few thousand dollars to have built and installed but when you consider the alternatives of moving to a larger more expensive property or not being able to expand your business further, it really is a cost-effective option.

But wait, that’s not all! By fitting a mezzanine floor you can also save money on your utility bills such as heating, especially if you turn it into a office space. This type of flooring allows air to circulate really well. It makes perfect sense therefore that as heat rises, why not have the lower area as storage where heat isn’t so important and instead turn the upper area into a proper working environment.

So there you have it, 4 great reasons why you might want to think about mezzanine flooring for your business. If you’re strongly considering it, then why not contact Metro Steel for a free, no-obligation quote. As experienced metal fabricators operating in the Deception Bay area of Queensland we produce all sorts of metal structures and parts including mezzanine flooring. Why not contact us today on 07 3204 1000 and let us help you solve your space/storage problems once and for all.