How Steel Fencing Can Benefit Your Property

steel fencing

As a homeowner, it’s only natural that you would want to take whatever steps you need to add value to your home, protect your property and its contents, and make it a safe place for you and your family to live. Steel fencing is becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits it provides.



One of the main reasons people choose steel fencing is its durability. While timber fences are strong, they can rot or become infested with termites which weaken the structure. On the contrary, steel is designed to last and will not warp, rot, or get eaten by termites. Here at Metro Steel, we use galvanised steel for its ability to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Value for money

Another reason for purchasing steel is for the value it provides. Our steel fencing is reasonably priced and will last for years, plus it does not need much maintenance. Should there be an issue, it’s usually minimal and less expensive to repair than a timber fence.

More secure than timber

Everyone wants to feel safe in their property and having it enclosed all round with steel fencing will prevent criminals and burglars from gaining access. Wood fences can start to wear if they are not properly maintained and may develop a weak spot where a criminal could bust through.

Steel fencing, on the other hand, does not deteriorate so a burglar would find it tough to cut through the metal to get into your property.

Metal fencing is a safe and secure choice to keep your loved ones protected as well as your home and its contents.

Easy to maintain

If you’re looking for a fence that requires very little maintenance, then steel is a great choice. Once it has been professionally installed, it’s usually recommended that it is painted with metallic paint to protect it against corrosion which can be caused by the rain. We can provide powder coated fencing which is tough and ready to go, so you needn’t worry about painting it. Powder-coated steel fencing doesn’t require monthly maintenance, instead, a quick wipe over with a damp cloth whenever it looks a little dusty, will keep it looking professional and pristine for years.


Steel fencing is also popular with our customers because of its aesthetic value. We can customise your steel fencing to match your requirements and the style of your house. The fencing can also be made to a height that suits your needs and privacy requirements. Furthermore, it can be combined with a stylish gate and driveway doors in a range of gorgeous colours to complement your décor.

Steel fencing is pleasing on the eye because of its crisp lines which lend a modern sleek look that can make your home look more attractive and add value to your property.

Why should you choose steel fencing?

It’s easy to maintain and has a pleasing modern aesthetic. Because it’s strong and robust, it provides unparalleled protection and will outlast any other type of fencing.

Steel fencing will also save you money in the long term as you won’t have to fork out for maintenance costs or need to replace it any time soon, if at all. It’s a great addition to your property and will stand the test of time while retaining its pristine looks.

If you’re interested to find out more about steel fencing or would like a no-obligation quote, then why not speak to the experts at Metro Steel. You can call us on 07 3204 1000 or drop by our facility at 109 Kabi Circuit, Deception Bay, Queensland 4508. We look forward to meeting you.  



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