Warehouse Mezzanine – Discover the Benefits

warehouse mezzanine

For those of you who may not know, a warehouse mezzanine is an elevated platform or floor that is installed halfway between the floor and the ceiling. Mostly, these structures are free-standing and can be dismantled and moved to another premise with ease. The mezzanine floor is held up with metal columns coming up from the floor and can be accessed with a simple set of stairs or a lift.

Industrial mezzanines are normally made from steel and, depending on the structure, the floor may also be made from steel or wood. The beauty of this type of mezzanine is that it can be tailored to suit the needs of the business and can be constructed to any size and then assembled on-site at its chosen location within the warehouse.

Using a mezzanine in a warehouse environment is an effective way of increasing your work or storage space by making make use of the empty ceiling space that already exists in your facility. Once the mezzanine has been constructed, space below is also accessible and can be used for storage or other purposes.

The benefits of a warehouse mezzanine

One of the problems facing many warehouse owners is that as their business grows so does their need for more storage. A mezzanine can be an easy way to increase your storage space enabling you to stay in your facility for longer.

When other options for increasing storage include extending the property, moving to a new premise, or even constructing a whole new floor, the benefits of a mezzanine are clear to see.

How can a warehouse mezzanine be used?

There are several ways that mezzanines can be used in an industrial setting. They can consist of smaller floors for single use or a very large floor covering a wide surface area of the building and have several uses, including


As mentioned above, storage is one of the most popular uses for a warehouse mezzanine. A simple metal structure with a solid floor and sufficient load-bearing capacity can be used to create a lot of additional space for storing packages, boxes, equipment, and even pallets.

Office space

Were you aware that a mezzanine floor can be kitted out in the same way as any office space? That’s right, you can include power outlets, internal sockets, lighting and heat. With some professional construction work, it’s possible to create an extremely professional office space.

Once the metal structure has been created, it can be followed by an office structure which includes a ceiling, walls, carpets and furniture.


You can also use a mezzanine floor to increase your production line by utilising more equipment and staff and moving them to a mezzanine which sits above an existing operations floor.

What about the limitations?

Creating a warehouse mezzanine relies on there being enough vertical space available. The ceiling needs to have room to accommodate another 2 floors which provide sufficient room for equipment and people to stand. Moreover, you could even create multi-storey mezzanines within a very tall building.

The other thing to consider is the position of the support columns and whether they interfere with any equipment or machinery which may be on the floor beneath.

If neither of these points is a problem, then a mezzanine floor is, without doubt, the easiest, practical, and most cost-effective solution for those looking to create additional space in their warehouse.

If you’re considering an industrial mezzanine then come and talk to the experts at Metro Steel or give us a call on 07 3204 1000 to see how we can help you.

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