Everything You Need To Know About Steel Fence Posts

steel fence postsSteel fence posts have many advantages over their counterparts such as wood or concrete and aside from the costs saving (normally around 20%) treated steel lasts considerably longer than wood posts. They’re easier and quicker to fix into the ground and what’s more, they’re versatile too.

Normally used in conjunction with chain link fencing, steel fence posts can also work incredibly well with wood fencing panels. Just like wooden posts they can be sunk directly into concrete giving them extra strength, but normally this isn’t necessary. As long as they’re sunk far enough into the ground, they’ll stay perfectly still for many years to come. That said, if the steel posts are used in security fencing then sinking them in concrete for extra strength might be a good idea.

Providing great support

When it comes to residential fencing, steel fence posts have the ability to provide great support to a wide range of materials. Whether it’s wood, chain link, composite board, vinyl or even recycled materials (yes, some people do), steel posts offer a degree of strength and durability that no other posts type can.

A tip

If you’re going to use steel for your fence posts then you need to make sure it’s galvanised. Galvanisation is a process that essentially coats the metal in a chemical that prevents oxidisation that leads to rust. Once treated (usually before you purchase) you never have to do anything with it again. This is unlike wood which has to be stained and treated regularly to prevent dry-out, rotting, or splintering.

As already mentioned steel fence posts are cost effective to buy when compared to other types of post and in the event that a post does bend, then in the majority of cases it can be bent back into shape and sunk into place without causing any structural weakness. In addition, thinner steel fence posts can also be purchased if you’re looking to use them for lightweight fencing such as in gardens or defining borders. These are usually even cheaper.

What about aesthetics?

Some people argue that steel fence posts don’t appear very attractive when compared to wood posts. However if you use them in conjunction with other materials such as wood, they can easily be concealed and even when you use them with metal fencing they can often be powder coated to match any colour. This can either make them blend in seamlessly, or alternatively, if you want them to stand out, be coated in a vivid colour.

If you want to find out more about steel fence posts or indeed would like a quote for purchase, then contact Metro Steel. We’ve been in the steel fabrication business for many years and as such have years of experience fabricating steel including steel posts to specific instructions. Give us a call on 07 3204 1000 and talk to the experts today.