Need More Space? A Mezzanine Floor Could Be The Answer

mezzanine floorThe word “mezzanine” is derived from the Italian word “mezzano” and means middle. In terms of architecture a mezzanine is a sort of intermediate floor between levels and is therefore not counted amongst the total amount of floors in a building.

A steel mezzanine can quite literally take your property to a different level by making use of the space between the floor and a high ceiling. Supported by steel columns it’s typically independent of the overall building structure and serves to create additional floors of space which can be used for such things as storage or additional office space. They’re quick to install and offer a cost effective means of acquiring extra space without the inconvenience and expense of relocating. In fact most factories, retail spaces and warehouses can double their space by using a steel mezzanine floor.

Perfect storage solution

If you’re fast running out of space then a mezzanine floor could be just the solution. If you try thinking of your building in 3D rather than 2D then by using the wasted overhead space with a mezzanine floor you’ll be amazed at how much additional storage space can be created. By storing items high up on a mezzanine floor you can free valuable floor space which can be used for other areas of your business. A storage mezzanine can be used for shelving, additional production space of even pallet storage.

Create additional office space

If your business is expanding and staff numbers are increasing then you could be in need of more office space. A mezzanine floor is incredibly flexible and cost effective when compared to the more traditional ‘block and beam’ solution and can be built in a far shorter time. Here at Metro Steel we’ll help you from the concept of the idea to the fabrication and installation making sure that not only do you have the extra office space that you require but also that you get value for money.

Retail mezzanines

Most retail stores with sufficient head height take advantage of mezzanine floors and it really isn’t difficult to see why. A store can double their floor space with a mezzanine and put more products in front of their customers which not only enhances customer experience but increases profits too. Here at Metro Steel we can fabricate a mezzanine to your exact requirements as well as providing accessories such as staircases and handrails.

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