4 Great Reasons Why Owners And Designers Choose Structural Steel Over Other Materials

Steel framingYou might think that designers and building owners use steel because it looks sleek, modern, and contemporary. While this is certainly true, there are other excellent reasons for choosing steel over other materials. Let’s take a look at four of them.

Speeds up construction

Although it’s fair to say that with other materials you can start field work sooner, the rapid design, production, and speedy erection of steel makes it easier to complete tasks such as framing. Ultimately this has a knock-on effect and as a result other trades can then step in quicker and carry out their part in the build.

Reduced project costs

If you are under the notion that steel is a particularly expensive material, you might want to think again. In fact when compared to a vast array of other materials, steel remains the cost leader for a large majority of varying construction projects. To put this into perspective, if you were to use other common building materials for framing (including fire protection and decking) such as concrete, then typically it’s likely to cost 5-7% more. On any project where budgets can make or break a build, that’s one heck of a saving.

It’s truly sustainable

Did you know that structured steel is by far the most recycled material on the planet? In fact most modern day structural steel is made from 88% recycled material and in the not too distant future, it’s entirely feasible that steel will be made from 100% recycled material. In addition, since 1990 the carbon footprint of steel production has been greatly reduced by as much as 47% . That’s not all, in the last ten years the energy used to produce structured steel has reduced by 9% and 30% over the past three decades. From a conscientious perspective, there really is no greener material than steel.

Total design flexibility

Stainless steel gives structural integrity to a building like no other. It allows designers to push the boundaries of modern design in terms of freedom of expression and creativity, in a way that concrete can’t.

Of course structured steel isn’t solely for the use of modern ground-breaking designs and instead is becoming more and more popular in residential builds too. If you’re looking to use structured steel in your building project or to turn an award-winning design into a reality, then you just might need the help of Metro Steel. We fabricate and process structured steel made to order. What’s more we have the ability to turn orders around quickly and efficiently. Why not contact us on 07 3204 1000 to see just how we can hep you, and save you money at the same time.