Before and After Galvanised Mesh – What’s The Difference?

You could be forgiven for thinking that galvanised was a particular metal or alloy but you’d be wrong. It is in fact the name given to the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel to prevent it from rusting. Galvanised wire mesh can be used widely in all types of applications including some of the most popular ones listed below:

  • Fencing, cages, and enclosure

  • Window and safety guards

  • Building and construction projects

  • Archeological use

  • Landscaping

  • Farm, garden, and agricultural use

  • General industrial use

Before and After

Galvanising can take place before of after the wire mesh is manufactured, be for welded and woven mesh types. When individual wires have themselves been galvanised before the mesh is woven or welded, this is known as ‘galvanised before’ woven or welded material. This is usually the cheapest option (depending on the mesh or opening size) particularly when custom manufacturing is required.

‘Galvanised after’ woven or welded mesh, is as the name suggests carried out after manufacturing. Typically the mesh is manufactured in carbon or plain steel and placed in a galvanising tank to produce the specification of ‘galvanised after’ woven or welded mesh. Usually this option is the costliest of the two, depending on its availability, but the process offers the advantage of a greater resistance to corrosion. This reduced risk of corrosion is more likely to be apparent at the joint of the ‘galvanised after’ welded wire mesh specification.


One of the main benefits of galvanised wire mesh, and in particular the galvanised welded option, is that there tends to be a far greater choice of diameter wires and opening sizes. For example, most wire mesh suppliers tend to keep in stock mesh with opening sizes of 4 x 4, 2 x 2, 1 x 1, and ½ x ½ inch with several sizes wire diameter.

Galvanised wire mesh is very popular among industrial users because of its resistance to corrosion and its relatively cheap price. Usually galvanised wire mesh is recommended for areas where a project requires fairly large opening sizes. It’s worth bearing in mind that galvanising a mesh that is relatively fine, is likely to clog up the openings, meaning that it’s of no use for several types of application. Because of this, a 10 x 10 mesh or finer, will usually be manufactured as a before galvanised form of wire mesh.

Here at Metro Steel we stock a wide range of galvanised wire mesh so if you’re got a project in mind, then come and see us. If you need any advice re galvanised wire mesh then call us on 07 3204 1000 and we’ll be only to pleased to assist.

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