Looking To Keep Your Metal Fabrication Costs Down?

When it comes to any metal fabrication project it can be difficult to keep within budget what with costs for tooling, labour, and sheet metal. In fact you can find yourself under a lot of pressure to keep costs down and return on investment high.

Who you choose as your metal fabricator could be the solution to lowering your metal fabrication costs without compromising on the quality of the product. So let’s take a look at a few ways that your metal fabricator can not only lower your costs while contributing to a rise in sales, improved profit margin, and an optimised cash flow. That said, this is only if you choose the right fabricator, so be sure to ask around for recommendations and do your research.

In-house design

Here at Metro Steel we can work from any standard engineering drawings or industrial plan that our customers can supply us with in order to create the relevant specifications for custom metal fabrication projects. This entails creating shop drawings which break down metal fabrication designs into components so that we can begin to visualise the fabrication process. We’re happy to work with files from any software system and don’t mind old fashioned plans drawn by hand. Basically, if you know what you want but you’re struggling to find a way of getting there, our in-house engineers have you covered and can work it up.

Mill-direct savings

Some metal fabrication companies buy their supplies direct from the mill and as a result are able to negotiate material costs and pass them on to their customers. Not only can they negotiate a better price but usually better products too. Their experience and relationship with these mills allows you the customer to benefit without having to do the leg work.

Metal fabrication techniques

Saving money on your next fabrication project could also depend on the type of process that you choose. If you’ve always stuck to the same fabrication techniques then by switching to an alternative, you could save yourself some money. It’s always worth speaking to a speciality fabricator to see if they can suggest a fabrication technique that may lower the cost of your product and even make it quicker to produce. Roll forming, for example, can be used as a continuous process which is particularly effective and economical when a project requires shaping sections into extended lengths at volume.

Our team of experts will work with you to help keep costs down while providing you with the steel products and services to maintain your business. We’re committed to quality and service which is something that our regular customers have come to expect. If you need help or advice with a new steel project then come and talk to the team at Metro Steel. You’ll find us at our purpose built facility at Kabi Circuit Deception Bay or you can phone us on (07) 3204 1000.

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