Stainless Steel Bollards – Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking to protect an area where aesthetics is just as important as security, then you might want to opt for stainless steel bollards. From light to super strong a steel bollard does the job it’s supposed to do while looking good.

How are they best used?

Most steel bollards are used to protect properties and building entrances. They can be used anywhere from shops and banks to high tech military installations and can also be seen in shopping centres, schools, apartment complexes, and business premises. They’re utilised in a number of ways including:

Pedestrian safety

Steel bollards have the ability to prevent vehicle access while retaining pedestrian flow. Bollards can be installed near building entrances and other areas with a high footfall to regulate the safe flow of pedestrians.

Protection of buildings or objects

Intentional or unintentional damage to buildings or objects can sometimes be incredibly costly or irreparable. Stainless steel bollards provide stand-off protection while ensuring vehicles are kept away from vulnerable buildings or high-risk locations.

Securing perimeters

Steel bollards are frequently used as perimeter security to protect against intentional burglaries where vehicles may be used to ram store fronts via windows or entrances. It isn’t uncommon to find high security areas surrounded by bollards positioned at sensitive access points to prevent this very problem. In cases such as these, steel is often used in place of concrete to blend more in with the area, as they can be painted if necessary.

How are they fixed?

Steel bollards come in a variety of thicknesses, shapes, and sizes and can be fixed in a number of ways. These include:

  • Baseplate – Where a bollard is attached to a square plate which is in turn fixed to the ground.

  • Direct fixed – In this instance a bollard is placed directly into the ground as a permanent fixture.

  • Removable steel bollards – These fit into a post lock (a bit like a rotary airer slots into a post in the ground) and as the name suggests are designed to be removable. They’re ideal for temporary constructions, temporary parking, or construction sites and can also be designed to be collapsible.

They can come in a wide variety of finishes and in some cases are designed to be decorative to enhance a particular structure or building.

So how strong are they?

In a word very! In many cases they’re built to withstand a full-on vehicle impact, but how much damage is done might depend upon how the bollard is anchored into the ground. That said, at the very least steel bollards are designed to halt a vehicle when involved in a light impact.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about steel bollards! A Metro Steel we fabricate a wide variety of steel structures including steel bollards, so if you’re in the market for stainless steel protection give us a call on 07 3204 1000 and talk to our experienced team about your requirements today.

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