6 Great Reasons Why Corrugated Iron Roofing Is Becoming More Popular

corrugated roofingDespite the wide range of roofing materials on the market, studies have shown that the demand for corrugated roofing has increased over the years, particularly in Australia. So why has it seen a surge in popularity? These six reasons may help answer this question.

State-of-the-art technology

New modern technologies mean that contemporary corrugated iron sheeting is made with improved strength and durability, plus they have added features such as resistance to fire, resistance to pests and weatherproofing abilities.

Easy to erect

When it comes to construction, time definitely equates to money. The longer a build takes, the more money it costs. That’s why property builders are continually looking for solutions that speed up this whole process without sacrificing the quality needed to build a home that’s fit for purpose. Because corrugated sheeting is both lightweight and flexible, construction is both quick and easy.

Better protection from extreme weather changes

Because the climate is changing, architects nowadays want to construct buildings using materials that can withstand the full force of nature. As modern day corrugated iron sheeting is pretty much weatherproof, it offers a perfect, cost-effective solution.

Energy saving

Surprisingly corrugated roofing (if fitted correctly) offers great insulation from the cold, but also treated iron roofing also has the ability to reflect heat, keeping those underneath cool. Altogether this means a reduced use of internal heating and cooling systems, making corrugated roofing a cost effective, energy-saving choice.


Nowadays, and rightly so, people place great emphasis on sustainable living. Every choice that we make should be made in consideration with how it impacts on the earth and the environment. When you opt for a quality corrugated iron roof you’re opting for something that’s incredibly long lasting., thus helping you to avoid both waste and ineffective construction materials.


In years gone buy swathes of property that consisted of corrugated iron roofing carried exactly the same look and style. In fact they were often referred to as ‘little boxes’. Nowadays however corrugated roofing comes in a wide variety of styles, designs, shapes, colours, finishes, and textures. So if you really want to be diverse and unique then a corrugated iron roof offers the perfect solution.

So there you have it! If you want to find out more about corrugated iron roofing or are looking to install it on your property or building, then come and speak to Metro Steel. As well as fabricating a huge variety of metal products we also make and supply corrugated iron sheets for roofing. Why not contact us on 07 3204 1000 for a quote. Alternatively, if you’re in the Deception Bay area and would like to discuss a project in person then pop in and have a chat. Either way we look forward to hearing from you.