5 Mistakes People Often Make When Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

stainless steel worktopsStainless steel kitchens give a contemporary, glamorous, yet professional feel to any home, however to get the right look can cost thousands of dollars. It’s understandable therefore that any homeowner that possesses one wants to keep it in great condition. The issue is that although counter tops and ovens are easy to maintain, there are many mistakes that people make when cleaning them. If you want to avoid your stainless steel kitchen looking like a wreck, you might want to avoid these 5 popular cleaning errors.

Using abrasive cleaners

Abrasive cleaners such as scouring pads may be perfect for eradicating most spills but when it comes to using them on stainless steel surfaces they can be a liability, causing ingrained scratching which can’t be removed.


One key aspect to keeping your stainless steel work tops, ovens, and shelving units looking like new is to remember to rinse. Even dirty water can leave an unpleasant residue on a work top and can even pit the surface. For this reason whenever you use cleaning solutions or even soapy water it pays to rinse off afterwards with clean warm water.

Chlorine and steel don’t mix

While it might be second nature to bleach every single surface area chlorine and steel aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. Chlorine contained in bleach can cause steel to develop rust stains and will eventually corrode, so in order to keep your kitchen sparkling like new, avoid it like the plague.

Forgetting to ‘buff off’

So you’ve carried out a thorough clean on your work tops, shelving units and oven, however you enter the kitchen later to find that the surfaces are all smeary and streaky. This is because even water can leave tell tale spotting and staining marks, so after cleaning you really need to buff the surfaces off with a lint free, dry cloth for that great finish.

Not doing a spot test

Cleaning agents carry a large amount of substances some of which mightn’t be stainless-steel friendly. If you’re unsure about a particular cleaning product then why not do a spot test on a small area of the surface that isn’t noticeable (for example, an inside of a drawer), wait a while and gauge the result. This has to be better than smearing it over the surface of your sparkling oven only to find out that the steel reacts to it. Remember if in doubt, spot it out!

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