What Is Hot-Dip Galvanisation And What Are The Benefits?

Hot Dip GalvanisingToday the hot-dip galvanisation process has built up an entire industry on it’s own and one that’s found in almost every application where steel and indeed iron are used, but what exactly is it and what are the benefits. Let’s take a closer look…

Hot-dip galvanisation or HDG as it’s more commonly known is a process by which fabricated steel is dipped into large vats or kettles containing molten zinc. In the USA alone over 600,000 tons of zinc is consumed annually for this very purpose and by carrying out this simple process it opens up a multitude of benefits.

HDG offers low cost protection

Because zinc is a cheap and plentiful product and the process is relatively simple it means that HDG steel and iron offers cut price metal protection. This is certainly cheaper than other processes such as electro galvanising and various other protective coating applications.

It has longevity

The life expectancy of a HDG steel product can be as much as 50 years or more particularly when used in a variety of agricultural products. Even when used in applications involving extreme weather conditions you can expect the steel to last 20 years or more. This is why HDG steel is so perfect for our harsh Australian climate.

Process can be carried out quickly

One of the best factors of HDG steel is that the process is designed to be carried out quickly. This means that no additional preparation is needed and the thickness of the molten zinc coating can easily be tested without the need for destructive testing. All of which points to the fact that hot dipped steel products can be delivered quickly and efficiently.

It’s totally dependable

Although the HDG process is carried out quickly, when done properly it consistently meets International ASTM standards. This is the organisation that produces the highest technical standards for a wide variety of materials and products, so it’s fair to say that when you use HDG steel you’re using something that’s tried and tested, reliable, and above all dependable.

It improves the quality of your steel

HDG steel contains a consistent and complete coating of zinc. It cleverly reacts with the steel by correcting for any minor blemishes or damage to the steel within, thus improving the overall quality of your product.

It offers a great investment on your materials

Hot-dipped galvanised steel has the ability to out-perform many other protective metal coatings when it comes to longevity and what’s more it’s incredibly low maintenance too. So altogether HDG steel offers good value for money on your raw materials.

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