5 Stainless Steel Structures That Have Stretched The Imagination Of Possibility

Ever since man discovered how to use stainless steel to great effect there have been some truly wonderful steel structures that have stretched the imagination of possibility. To celebrate the diversity of steel here are some of the very best.


San Sebastian Church Manilla

san-sebastian-churchDesignated as a place of historic interest by the Philippine government in 1973 the Basilica de San Sebastian is the only prefabricated steel church in the world. What makes this all the more amazing, aside from the intricate baroque, neo-gothic detail was that it was designed and built back in 1891. That’s way before most of the iconic stainless steel buildings were even being built.





Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles

walt-disney-concert-hall-nightDesigned by Frank Gehry, one the most influential architect of modern times, the Walt Disney Concert Hall has an unforgettable look of sleek curves and angular lines. Opened in 2003 it’s said to have some of the best acoustics in the world.




The Millau Viaduct Southern France

FRANCE MILLAU VIADUCT RACESpanning the river Tarn in Southern France, the Millau viaduct is the highest bridge in the world standing at 1125 fee high. It also boasts the world’s highest pylon which is a whopping 803 feet. Made of stainless steel it’s ultra sleek design wowed visitors when it was first opened in 2004. Ranked as one of the greatest feats of all time engineering, it was designed by French structural engineer Michele Virlogeux and British Architect Norman Foster.


Inland Steel Building Chicago

Inland steel building chicagoAlthough it’s nearly 60 years old, the Inland Steel Building looks as modern today as it did when it was first constructed back in 1957. This is no wonder as it’s classed as one of the most innovative steel buildings of it’s time. Designed by American engineers Bruce Graham and Walter Netsch it was the first to be erected on steel piling, it was also the first to have fully in-built air conditioning and was the first tall building to use the principles of clear span construction. (The entire weight of the building is supported by just seven external columns)



The Gateway Arch St Louis

gateway arch st. LouisAt 192 metres wide and 192 metres tall the Gateway Arch as it’s otherwise known is the tallest monument in the USA. Completed in 1965 it used over 900 tons of stainless steel in its construction. It can sway as much as 45 cms in high wind, but despite this over 1 million brave tourists still make the journey to the top of the arch every year. On a clear day you can easily see over 30 miles in each direction.



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