Why Use Powder Coating On Metal Instead Of Liquid Painting?

powder coatingOnce a metal product has been fabricated it might need to be painted. There are two ways of achieving this. This first one is by using liquid metal paint (the same type that you buy from any DIY store) and the second one is powder coating. Liquid paint is usually applied by means of a spray can or a brush, or by dipping, whereas powder coating is applied electrostatically. Like paint it can be applied in a wide range of colours but it also has some distinct advantages that paint doesn’t have. Let’s take a look.

Pollution free process

We’ve already stated that powder coating is applied electrostatically but what does that mean? Firstly a special gun initiates a charge of electricity which pulses through the powder. Then a mechanical pump or compressed air contained within the equipment is used to blast the powder over the surface of the metal. Because it’s electrically charged it sticks to the metal. Finally it’s placed in an oven where the coating forms a rock-hard skin which protects the metal. As you can see, there are no solvents or thinners involved, making it a pollution-free process.

Incredibly resilient

We’ve already mentioned that powder coating forms a rock-hard barrier which protects the metal, but to what extent? Metal that’s been powder coated is resistant to scratching, chipping, warping, or rusting making it incredibly resilient. Conversely, paint can flake and scratch.

Doesn’t sag or run

One of the problems with using liquid paint is that it can easily sag or run if applied too thickly, or if the mixture is like water. So a high level of care needs to be taken to ensure a smooth and even finish. On the contrary, because powder coating is applied dry in powder form and tends to cling to the surface, (even before heating) it won’t sag or run.

Resistant to practically anything

Metal that’s been powder coated is also resistant to many solvents and chemicals making it virtually indestructible. On the contrary any amount of exposure to a wide variety of chemicals can and will damage paint.

Powder coating provides a sleek finish that you can’t often get with liquid paint. In addition not only does it turn metal into a much tougher material, it can also turn it into an endless stream of colours and finishing choices.

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