What Does Custom Metal Fabrication Mean To A Client?

welding-and-fabricationIn various guises the word ‘custom’ means a common standard or practice, or a conventional way of doing things. However when ‘custom’ is applied to the metal fabrication industry, the opposite is implied. Instead customised metal fabrication means something bespoke and unique to the client’s needs. Whether this is a singular one-off piece, or a collection of pieces that make up a particular machine, it’s made to that particular client’s exacting specifications.

So what does this mean for the client?

In essence a client should be able to come to an experienced metal fabricator with a plan or an idea and from this, the fabrication team should be able to construct something that not only looks right, but functions in exactly the way that it’s supposed to. This might involve lots of testing and tweaks in the case of machinery parts, or if it’s a one-off decorative piece, it may need approval and sign off from the client before the project is finished. Ultimately a skilled metal fabricator should be able to turn their hand to pretty much anything, so if you need something that’s unique and not off-the-peg, they can deliver.

It’s all in the planning

One of the most important aspects of any custom made fabrication is the planning process. Many fabrication shops even have their own planning departments complete with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. This means that they can take an idea and draw it so that the customer can get a virtual picture of what the finished product will look like. In addition, by planing it virtually before it’s constructed, it can be easy to spot critical design problems such as tension weaknesses or flaws, before it gets to the build stage. This saves both time and money.

It’s not always about creating one-off masterpieces

Customised fabrication isn’t always about creating one-off designs. It can also be used in instances where off-the-peg solutions just won’t do. For this reason it’s used extensively in the construction industry. If for example you need steel wire cut to a particular length, or you need longer steel tubing, or need a shorter girder that isn’t regulation size, then a custom fabricator can help. If you need a particular product powder-coated or treated, then a custom fabricator can help. If you have some regulation steel piping but it edge needs to be bevelled, then…yes you’ve guessed it…a custom fabricator can help.

As you can see a custom fabricator is a highly skilled individual. They have the ability to make something from nothing, or to enhance standard off-the-peg items used in everyday building and construction. They can even make or break your project.

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