What To Look For When Choosing A Steel Fabrication Company

steel fabricationSteel fabrication varies from one company to another. Some may concentrate their main business on low cost bulk production runs while others may focus on dealing with smaller companies and individuals giving them more scope for customisation. Some companies try to offer a wealth of services whereas others specialise in just a few services.

Before deciding which company to choose for your metal fabrication project it’s a good idea to look at each option from different angles. Here are 5 considerations which might help when you’re considering who to give your business to.


By capabilities you might be considering the space itself – is there sufficient room for it to meet your business needs without any risks of problems during production? Or you might simply be looking at the services that the company is offering. Here are a few questions to ask any steel fabrication company that’s on your short list.

  • What sort of metal do you work with? Not all companies work with the same products so you need to be sure they work with the particular size and thickness of metal that you prefer.
  • What particular services are offered? You might need just one service or you could need several production capabilities. Some key services include cutting and forming, welding, assembly, installation, galvanising, and single or large runs.
  • How about design? Does the company work based on digital or printed drawings? can these drawings be translated into shop drawings? Or can the company start from scratch without the input of a design from their customer.



Steel fabrication is an industry where experience matters and you need to be assured that the company has sufficient experience to avoid making costly mistakes. Ask them if they’ve carried out any similar projects and whether you can seek a reference from a past customer. A good steel fabrication should have plenty of satisfied customers whom you can call upon.

How does the company prioritise service?

A long term relationship with a steel fabrication company ultimately comes to the level of customer service they deliver. After all you don’t want to do business with a company that isn’t willing to budge on details that are important to you or who just doesn’t recognise your unique business needs.


Get various quotes but be sure you’re comparing the same things. For example some companies may use a higher quality of steel or more precise cutting tools. Others may be priced higher because they’re a smaller establishment offering customised services. Although bulk may be cheaper it might not fit in with your requirements.


Finally consider the location of your chosen company. Do you prefer a company that is close to your facility or closer to your customers. Think about fuel costs, proximity, and control over your project and then do some number crunching to make sure location makes good business sense for you.

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