Top Reasons To Customise Your Outdoor Areas With Metal Privacy Screens

steel privacy screensIt’s brilliant to have a garden or backyard in which to spend time with friends and family but regardless of how comfortable your furniture is and how spectacular your hanging baskets, there’s often something missing – and that’s privacy. Fortunately there is a solution and that’s one or more privacy screens.


One of the best aspects about a steel privacy screen is that when it comes to design there really are no limits. Steel is a great material for fabricators to work with and can be cut or bent to any size and shape. It can also be decorated using a laser which allows for the prettiest and most intricate designs ever. Steel also works well with wood and as such a steel privacy screen could be fitted into an attractive pale ash frame for a look that is sleek and contemporary.

Minimal maintenance

Screens made from wood and other materials are likely to require staining and varnishing on a regular basis whereas steel requires no maintenance at all. We can galvanise steel to make it even more durable for outdoor use and we can use powder coatings in a wide shade or glorious rainbow colours to make your screen blend in with its surroundings or act in total contrast.

Stunning feature

As well as being a practical choice, steel privacy screens can serve as a bold focal point in your garden. Try placing them at intervals around your garden and growing some trailing plants up them. Or how about a couple of louvre effect screens to enclose an intimate dining area. Hang a few twinkly fairy lights over them, light some candles and incense sticks, and you can create a wonderfully romantic ambience.

Cost effective

Although the initial outlay for a steel screen may be more than that for a wood or wicker screen, once you take into account its longevity and the fact that it needs no maintenance to speak of, then it really is a cost effective solution. What’s more attractive screens can really add interest when it comes to selling your property particularly if you’re competing with an identical neighbouring property.

If you’re considering a metal privacy screen for your garden or backyard then come and have a chat with Metro Steel. Some of our clients say we can do anything with steel, and although that may be slightly stretching the truth, if you can imagine it then in most cases we can make it. We specialise in one-off designs and in offering great customer service. So if we sound like a good fit for your needs then you’ll find us at Kabi Circuit. Give us a call today on 07 3204 1000 and let’s toss some ideas around.