What Exactly Does Custom Metal Fabrication Mean To You?

metal fabricatorIf you look in the dictionary, the word ‘custom’ means a conventional way of doing something or adopting practices that are common standard. However when it comes to ‘custom metal fabrication’ the exact opposite is the case. When a fabrication company offers ‘custom steel fabrication’ it generally means that it’s been specifically made to either be totally unique, or made to that person’s exacting requirements. It could also mean just one piece, or alternatively it could mean large scale productions of up to 2500 parts. Whatever your specific meaning, custom metal fabricators are very much in demand.

So how can they help?

In essence custom metal fabrication means making anything from decorative metal screens and gates, through to mezzanine flooring, tubular parts or even metal wire. Most steel fabricators operate using state-of-the-art lasers which allow them to work to exacting measurements often to within fractions of a millimetre. This means that holes can be precision drilled and countersunk to perfection and metal can be angled and cut to fit, just like a jigsaw puzzle. In other words as long as the customer’s measurements are exact, then a fabricator should be able to reproduce a part that fits.

Other services

A good steel fabricator doesn’t just cut metal to size. Conversely, custom metal fabrication can also mean a whole host of other related services. Fabrication can also entail bending metal, grinding metal, progressive stamping, machine turning, welding several metals together and protecting finished parts with powder coating. In fact good custom metal fabricators don’t just make parts, in addition they’ll also take in ready made parts and bend, weld, stamp, grind and powder coat them to fit in with their customer’s requirements.

Custom made means on time!

Often a lot of the pieces that fabricators deal with are time sensitive. For example, it could be a bespoke metal staircase for a new build that has to be in place before another part of the project can be completed. Or alternatively, it might be constructing a mezzanine floor for a building that has stock arriving on a certain day and therefore needs that extra space. Whatever the reason, custom made, or bespoke more than likely entails constructing something to the right specifications, at the right budget and most importantly…at the right time.

Here at Metro Steel we’ve been in the steel fabrication business for a long time and as such have been supplying the residents and businesses of Brisbane and the Gold Coast with our bespoke fabrication services for many years. If you’ve got a project, however big or small, then why not contact us on 07 3204 1000 and this link put us to the test.