Can We Interest You In An Outdoor Privacy Screen?

decorative metal outdoor privacy screenOutdoor screens are becoming more common amongst homeowners settling for suburban life but still wanting their own space and privacy in their yards and gardens. Some outdoor screens such as fencing may encircle the entire property whereas others such as a lattice screen may just fence off a part of the yard that houses the compost bin or some other unappealing feature.


As their name suggests the most basic function of a privacy screen is to provide an element of privacy to a part of your yard, garden or other outdoor living space. However an attractive metal privacy screen can go way beyond that and offer protection from the wind or the sun, disguise an unpleasant area of your garden, or even accent certain outdoor areas, architectural features or features of your garden.

How a screen works

When it comes to outdoor privacy it’s not a case of one size fits all. Practically every homeowner has an area outside which they would like to be more private and away from the prying eyes of a neighbour. It could by your spa, pool, outside kitchen….. anywhere that you want to make as a personal and private retreat.

Privacy screens for outside can be made from living or non-living materials. They’re created around a particular area to solve problems such as hiding an unattractive feature or to make an area more private. They work by obstructing the view and blocking the noise of passers-by, neighbour and traffic to create an area that is clearly defined and reasonably private.

Living screens

Living screens can be made with the use of hedging, shrubs, bamboo and trees. As they grow so the area they protect will become larger and increasingly more private.

Non-living screens

Non living screens can be made from fencing, trellis, lattice work, and steel or visit web aluminium. Fences are the most robust solution and cover a large expanse of outside area. Decorative metal screens or trellis can be used to cover open areas but don’t offer such far reaching privacy. Used in conjunction with evergreen vines, climbing roses and large statement foliage plants, they look exquisite and will offer a certain amount of privacy.

Besides creating privacy, some homeowners like to use outdoor privacy screens to highlight certain features such as a water feature, an architectural plant, or a certain flower bed. A metal screen can be used in this way to provide an interesting backdrop as well as to add texture to your landscape. These types of screen only improve with age but gain more character even with the odd spot of corrosion.

If you’re interested in a metal screen for your outdoor space then come and talk to us about your ideas. We can fabricate a screen to your exact requirements and it can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. The only limits are your imagination. Call Metro Steel today on 07 3204 1000.