Understanding RSJ’s – What They Are And Where You Might Buy Them

Steel beamsEven if you’re not entirely familiar with the building trade or construction industry, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard of RSJ’s or Rolled Steel Joists. They’re used in a variety of construction projects from new builds through to renovations and restorations and are utilised to aid support to a load bearing wall or roof.

So what are they made of?

As you would expect, RSJ’s are incredibly strong as they would have to be to support the loads that they bear, but in addition they’re extremely durable to. After all there’s a good chance that they will be in the building for it’s entirety so they need to be rust proof and wear proof. For this reason there’s really only one material to do the job – steel! Unlike concrete lintels steel RSJ’s are better placed to take a larger expanse of ‘moving’ weight as the steel version won’t crack or fracture. However to be doubly sure you might want to seek further advice from a structural engineer.

So what about buying them?

When purchasing a steel RSJ you’re going to need several measurements. Firstly you’re going to need to know the thickness of the beam needed to do the job. This is otherwise known as the flange and secondly you’ll need to know the length. Do bear in mind that they need to be set into the adjoining wall at either side so make sure you allow for these measurements.

If your steel joists are a standardised length and width, then chances are you can purchase them already made and ‘off the peg’. Alternatively, if it’s an unusual length, then it will have to be fabricated from scratch and this is why a steel fabricating company will need to know exacting measurements. The other thing to think about is delivery times. Can the company make it as quickly as you need it? If not, it could have ongoing consequences on the rest of your build, renovation, or restoration. Any experienced fabricator is used to operating to tight schedules or deadlines and provided that you give them a reasonable amount of time, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to deliver.

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