A Quick Insight Into Stainless Steel Worktops

stainless steel worktopsIf you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen then you might want to consider stainless steel worktops. It’s a material that’s already used extensively in commercial kitchens, but is becoming more and more popular in homes up and down the country too. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look into the wonders of stainless steel.


It’s estimated that virtually all modern day stainless steel products are made using around 60% recycled materials and this includes worktops. Why? Because stainless steel is one of the few materials that can be recycled time and time again without weakening it in any way. This includes around 30% old scrap (industrial equipment that’s no longer needed, old constructions that have been taken down etc) and 30% new scrap (materials left over from the production process). The remaining 40% is fashioned from metal alloy with a chromium content of around 10% .

Finish types

When choosing stainless steel for kitchen worktops, there are several choices open to you. You might want to opt for the popular mirror effect, shiny-style satin finish which is perfect for that ultra modern home. Alternatively how about opting for an antique matte look which works great with copper tones. Finally there are a number of speciality finishes that could fit in perfectly with a raw industrial feel.


There are a number of pros to stainless steel worktops not least it’s industrial strength. In addition it’s non-porous and therefore very easy to clean. It can be fashioned and cut to fit any kitchen and it’s impervious to heat stains, oils or greases.


It can be a little pricey when you compare it to more standard worktops, but if you’re going for a wow factor in your kitchen, then a stainless steel work top will definitely do the trick. It’s also prone to showing up finger prints and smudges easily so it needs to be wiped over regularly.

More about cleaning

Firstly wipe the surfaces down with a damp cloth to remove crumbs and any other residue. Next apply a spray-type surface cleaner which works on stainless steel and wipe again with kitchen roll to remove excess moisture and finally buff up with a dry, lint-free cloth.


When it comes to fitting, professional installation and cutting is recommended. Because of the seamless way it looks, you won’t be able to hide any mistakes, so unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s best to call in the pros. Remember all stainless steel worktops are also going to need a wood backing in order to fix it to the counter. It also provides a much needed sound buffer as stainless steel can be quite noisy when struck.

So there you have it, a quick insight into stainless steel worktops. If you need stainless steel fabricated and cut for your kitchen then why not contact the professionals at Metro Steel. We have many years in the industry and as such understand how to work to specifications and deadlines. For a competitive quote, why not contact us today on 07 3204 1000.