The Best Ways To Clean Stainless Steel

stainless steel splashbackStainless steel is a fabulous material to use in bathrooms and kitchens because of its ability to resist corrosion and rust and we’ve sold many sheets of steel that have found their way into people’s homes to be used as innovative splash backs, work surfaces or as piece of sculpture. The one question we do get asked quite a lot is what’s the best way to clean stainless steel, so we thought we’d do a quick blog on the subject.

If you’ve had stainless steel in your home for a considerable length of time, you’ll already be aware that it does on the whole live up to its reputation but dirt, dust and grime can put it at risk of corrosion. Fortunately stainless steel that has lost its lustre soon responds to a clean as long as you follow certain rules.

Water and cloth

For most situations plain warm water and a cloth will work to remove any dust or dirt and is the safest way to clean stainless steel. It’s important to buff it dry with a towel to prevent any water spots. Make sure yo do this before minerals contained in water can leave marks behind on stainless steel. Wipe in the direction of the polish lines for the best results. Microfibre cloths are a good type of cloth to use for this purpose because they’re absorbent but won’t scratch the surface.

Dish washing liquid and cloth

If you’ve got some tougher dirt marks on your stainless steel then try a drop of mild dishwater liquid diluted in warm water. Start off with a sink filled with warm water containing just a few drops of washing liquid and you could also squeeze a couple of drops of washing liquid on to your cloth. Then add warm water from the sink to your cloth and rub the cloth to make soap suds appear. Now you can wipe down your dirty area using your cloth. Once you’ve finishing wiping down your stainless steel be sure to rinse it thoroughly to prevent any spotting or staining.

Using glass cleaner for finger prints

Fingerprints are the thing most people complain about on stainless steel. They can be removed using a spray window cleaner and a microfibre cloth. And I have a friend who uses a small amount of baby oil on a cloth. Whichever you choose, always put the spray or oil onto your cloth first and rub the affected area gently with a circular motion until the finger prints have disappeared.

Stainless steel cleaner

Finally if you’ve experienced scratching or staining on your stainless steel or you just want to shine it up, you can buy specialist stainless steel cleaners which help remove stains and minimise scratching. They also give a nice shine.

Stainless steel is very popular especially with the resurgence of the industrial look, and it works really well in the home or office. If you’re in need of stainless steel sheets or you’d like us to fabricate a bespoke item for you, then just pop in and see us or give us a call on 07 3204 1000 to see what we can do for you.