Stainless Steel Roofing – Here’s Why You No Longer Need To Avoid It

metal roofingTighter budgets have home owners looking for more cost effective roofing solutions that last longer and require fewer repairs. For this reason more and more people are opting once more for stainless steel roofing. Gone are the days when you’d avoid buying a property with a metal roof (normally corrugated iron) like the plague. Instead modern metal roofs are well-designed and built to last. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at some other advantages.

It’s seriously long lasting

Okay so we’ve already stated that metal roofing lasts longer but just how long exactly? Well, even a basic galvanised metal roof should be good for forty years or more and as new techniques, new coatings, and new galvanisation methods become better known, higher quality sheet metal roofing can easily last even longer.

Sheet metal roofing is sustainable

For those who are concerned with our environment you’ll be pleased to learn that sheet metal roofing contributes heavily to sustainability. Sheet metal roofing systems are often made from recycled steel and because the recycling process doesn’t affect strength and durability of the end product, it can be recycled once more when it’s no longer needed. In essence, sheet aluminium roofing really is the ultimate in green sustainable materials.

Save on your heating

Many people think twice before purchasing property with metal roofing because they think that their home will be like an oven during the summer, as it absorbs heat from the sun, and a freezer during the winter as any hot air escapes through the metal interior. It’s true that this is how old metal roofed houses used to be. However not anymore!

Sheet meta systems can be coated with highly reflective substances which reflect the heat during the summer months keeping your home cool. During the winter the same coatings also insulate your roof, meaning that any heat contained within won’t be escaping any time soon.

Comes in a wide range of styles and designs

Nowadays companies that manufacture sheet metal for roofing can make it look just like slate, shingle, or even good old fashioned tiles. It also comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes, so you really can make it look as unique as you like.

If you’re considering metal roofing for your property then you might need a skilled fabricator to make it for you. This is where Metro Steel can help. We’ve been in the fabrication industry for many years and over time have fabricated and manufactured a wide range of items including metal roofing. For a free no-obligation quote Why not give us a call. Contact us today on 07 3204 1000 or visit our website at and fill in the ‘quick quote’ form on the page.