Aluminium Or Steel – What’s Right For Your Fencing?

steel fencingWhen it comes to choosing the right material for your fencing or gates you might be drawn to either aluminium or steel. They’re durable, long lasting and in most cases they can withstand the (often) harsh Australian climate. However that said, they also have their differences too. So which one do you choose? Let’s make some closer comparisons.

Aluminium gates and fencing

The main advantage about aluminium fencing or gates is that it isn’t susceptible to corrosion. So if you live in a unforgiving climate, or alternatively close to the sea, and want your fencing/gates to stay looking like new for many years to come, then aluminium might well be your best bet. Another benefit is that aluminium can be recycled time and time again without damaging the quality. Latest reports state that metal is made from around 70% recycled materials but within the next two decades or so that figure is set to reach 95% – so if you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint then aluminium has to be your metal of choice. Another advantage is that aluminium is cheaper than steel, so if you have a particular budget chances are you’ll get more for your money if you opt for aluminium.

So what about drawbacks?

One of the main negatives of aluminium is that because it’s relatively lightweight it can also be easily bent. Therefore any premises requiring a high level of strength or security may prefer to choose steel which has a higher tensile strength. As a result aluminium is more suited to residential properties where owners are looking for a greater aesthetic appeal to enhance their home.

Steel gates and fencing

If you’re looking for a material that’s more robust, hard wearing, and built for protection then you really should opt for steel. Steel fencing often comes in a pre-galvanised form and can be powder coated in a wide variety of colours to prevent rusting. Steel is a heavy material by nature, so if you want the strength and protection that stainless steel brings, but don’t want a super-heavy gate or fence, then you might want to opt for tubular steel posts. They offer the protection of steel with their tough exterior but because the posts are hollow it makes the fencing/gates more lightweight. As a result tubular steel is good for high traffic commercial and residential properties.

So to sum up…

For residential properties where the emphasis is more about ease of installation and aesthetics, then aluminium may well be your best bet. Conversely for commercial and industrial properties if you’re looking to keep intruders out then steel is your best bet.

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