Powder Coating – Discover the Benefits

Powder coating is a great way to enhance your parts and can add enormous appeal to the end product. It offers many benefits over traditional paint and can be used in all manner of applications. So without further ado, let’s take a look a 6 benefits of powder coating.

  1. Efficiency – powder coatings adhere to the part by means of an electro-magnetic charge which means that there’s very little wastage. Rather than waiting for the first coat to dry before applying another, your powder coating professional can spray as much or as little powder coating as you want in one go, reducing the time and money involved in operational costs.

  1. Durability – In terms of its fnish, powder coating is more durable than other forms of paint. The powder melts during the curing process, forming long chains as it gels together. This allows for a certain amount of flexing and bending as your parts move or vibrate. It’s also resistant to corrosion, flaking, and scratching.

  1. Maintenance – Powder coating doesn’t involve a lot of maintenance in the long term. No special solvents or cleaners are required, instead all that’s needed is a wipe down with soapy water as and when required. Since it’s resistant to corrosion and scratching, there’s no need to worry about rust taking hold when you’re cleaning your parts.

  1. Quality finish – Powder coating creates a finish that is far superior to other types of paint because of the fact that the powder melts and flows together during the application and curing process. This creates an even finish across the whole surface without having to worry about drips or runs, which are a natural occurrence in wet paints.

  1. Variety – Like most paints powder coating utilises basic colours and finishes but the beauty of powder coating is the ease with which a colour and finish can be totally customised. Texture like wrinkes or glitter can be added while you can expect a wide range of finishes from extreme gloss to matte.

  1. Safe for the environment – The powder used in powder coating doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or solvents and is generally regarded as safe both for use and disposal. No chemicals are released into the atmosphere and there’s less waste overall due to the efficiency of spraying.

If you’re interested to know more about powder coating or indeed would like any of your parts to be powder coated, then get in touch with the experts at Metro Steel. As you can see power coating performs better than other paint options in a variety of ways and can improve the look and quality of your finished products.

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