Discover The Benefits Of Metal Privacy Screens

Who doesn’t love to spend time relaxing in their garden? We know we do. But what if your garden is overlooked or you want to separate your lawn from your vegetable patch – welcome to metal privacy screens.

Metal privacy screens are amongst the most popular items that we get asked to design and make for our customers, so let’s fill you in on some of the advantages they provide.

Keep out the neighbours

Outdoor privacy is the number one reason for having a metal privacy screen. Gardens lend themselves to all manner of usage including al fresco dining, sunbathing, relaxing, playing with the children, growing vegetables and so much more. But what’s the point of having a lovely outdoor space if you can’t make use of it without your neighbours seeing your every move? Privacy screens do just what they say on the tin ……. they give you privacy!

Protection from the elements

Partly enclosed metal privacy screens are perfect for letting you enjoy the fresh air of being outside without feeling as if you’re cooped up and stuffy. During the warmer months they can even reduce the level of UV light and heat that’s allowed to come through. Were you aware that a strategically placed privacy screen can also offer you shade and ventilation, protecting both yourself and your outdoor furniture from the harmful rays of the sun, but without obscuring the view of your garden.

Decorative and stylish

Another perk of a metal privacy screen is the wow factor they can give your garden. In fact some people purchase privacy screens for the aesthetic appeal alone. Why use a boring old fence to enclose your garden when you could be looking at an attractive bespoke screen instead. Whether you’d like a screen that looks sleek and modern or one that looks rustic and traditional, we can custom our designs to complement your existing décor.

Do you have an unsightly area of your garden that you’d like to screen off? We’re thinking of rubbish bins, compost sites, and water tanks. Just imagine how much nicer that area would look with a decorative screen to conceal it.

Low maintenance

If the thought of having to maintain a wooden fence or screen sounds like hard work to you then why not consider a privacy screen constructed from steel. We understand the importance of it not corroding which is why we offer a hot dipping galvanised solution to protect the metal or we can powder coat it in any colour of your choice. This tough coating helps prevent against chipping and fading and provides an attractive finish. All it takes to keep it looking as good as new is the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth and mild household cleansing fluid.

Cost effective

Using a metal privacy screen is a more affordable option to having a brick wall built or a full fence, and it looks fabulous too. The powder coating gives your screen a length of durability which offers real value for money and with no maintenance costs to factor in, it’s a privacy solution that sounds even more appealing.

If you’re interested in a metal privacy screen then the experienced team at Metro Steel can custom it to suit your specific requirements. Whether it’s an installation to an existing fence or gate, or a stand alone feature we’d love to help you with its design. With a wide choice of colours, sizes, and styles to choose from, we can assist in the selection process too.

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