Need A Metal Fabricator? – 4 Great Reasons Why You Should Keep It Local!

Local steel fabricatorDespite the technology and accessibility of the information super highway there are certain business transactions that are better when not carried out over the internet. Custom metal fabrication is one of them.

The electronic age has vastly improved productivity in virtually every industry and metal fabrication is certainly no exception. Nowadays correspondence, designs, bids, and inquiries all get processed through the internet. However when it comes to pushing the buttons on those amazing machines that mould, shape, and cut metal there are real-world benefits to working with a local fabricator. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Quality control

In metal fabrication many designs are bespoke and unique. Not only this, because they’re often used in construction, or as parts in vast machinery they have to be made to exacting standards, no matter how intricate. For this reason it’s very hard to keep a close eye on quality control if you’re half way across the world. At Metro Steel we welcome engineers, quality control personnel, and individual clients to come and inspect their items at any given time. This way, if there are any issues we can address them right away.

Close collaboration

Many metal projects require close collaboration from the client and the fabricator at various stages throughout the process. You could of course do this via email or Skype from hundreds or thousands of miles away, but it often makes it more difficult to discuss and explain exacting requirements when not face to face.


Metal fabricators deal with a variety of large, oddly shaped, or just plain heavy items and in instances like these shopping costs can soon mount up especially for long haul journeys. Therefore it makes financial sense for clients to find a good local fabricator that they can trust to get the job done right, where delivery costs are minimal.

Speed and timing

As local metal fabricators we know that many projects are time sensitive often with tight deadlines. We also know that when dead lines are missed it can cost you money. When you choose a local fabricator you’re taking out some of the uncontrollables that can make or break deadlines such as shipping and transport delays in favour of easy local pick-up or delivery. This could make all the difference to your project.

Aside from supporting the local economy smaller companies like Metro Steel offer great value for money with a great service to boot and this is why we have many local repeat customers. If you have a fabrication project in mind, no matter how complex then why not contact us on 07 3204 1000 for a no obligation quote. Alternatively if you want to speak to us face to face then why not pop in and see us, we’d love to meet you and the coffee pot is always on!