Everything You Need To Know About Powder Coating

powder coatingLike most people you’ve probably heard of the term ‘powder coating’ however you mightn’t be so sure about what it entails and more importantly what it does. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

Originating in North America some 40 years ago, powder coating is now used on a wide range of products including metal, plastic, and even medium density fibreboard (MDF). It gives the end product a durable, high quality finish for maximum protection. The coating itself comes in a virtually limitless range of colours and textures and have proven themselves to deliver excellent performance which greatly enhances the life of the product it’s placed on.

So how does powder coating work?

In essence, powder coating is made up of a concoction of ingredients including polymer resins, curatives, colouring pigments, levelling agents, and flow modifiers. These ingredients are melted, mixed together, cooled, and then ground to form a substance similar to the flour that you use for baking. Once it’s in this state the powder coating is ready for use.

In a process known as Electro-static Spray Deposition (or ESD for short) the flour-like coating is applied onto the material by means of a spray gun. As the coating goes through the spray gun it’s charged with electro-static particles. This causes the powder coating to cling to the surface of the material. Once applied, the material goes into an oven to form an extremely durable protective layer.

So just how durable is it?

Very! Powder coating is used on millions of everyday objects across a wide range of industries from the roughest toughest machinery, right through to household items such as food mixers, refrigerators, and ovens. Even the computer I’m typing this post on has been powder coated. In fact powder coating makes up 15% of the total finishings market. Once the coating has taken effect the material becomes resistant to impact, chemicals, moisture, ultra-violet light, and even extreme weather conditions. As a result it reduces the risk of scratching, corrosion, fading, warping or chipping. In other words it’s pretty much destruction-proof.

To sum up, powder coating looks great, is tough, and lasts a long time. It’s also an attractive choice not just in looks but the environmental advantages it has over other finishes such as liquid paints. So next time you think of protecting your metal work, then why not powder coat it?

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