Discovering 4 Great Advantages Of Metal Roofing

Metal roofsIt’s not just businesses and commercial/industrial buildings that are opting for metal roofing. Nowadays more home owners are coming round to the idea of using metal rather than standard tiling on their homes for a variety of reasons. Initially metal roofing might be considered more expensive to buy and is said to exacerbate the noise of rain as it falls on the roof , but despite this, metal roofing has some major advantages too. Let’s take a look.

Great long-term investment

As already stated, whether a metal roof is made of tin, aluminium, copper, or iron you’re probably going to have to pay more initially than you would if you opted for more conventional roofing. That said once you’ve stumped up the cash you should be guaranteed a good return on your investment. Why? Because firstly it can increase the value of your home, so your property will be worth more in the future. Secondly, metal roofing often means better security and this can mean the cost of your property insurance could drop. In some cases by as much as 35%. Finally quality metal roofing that’s been manufactured and fitted by a professional company will often incur guarantees of around 50 years.

Energy efficiency

You might not think that metal roofing is particularly energy efficient but you’d be wrong. During the summer months modern-day metal roofing that’s been finished with zinc not only acts as as a rust-proof barrier but also has the ability to reflect the sun reducing the need for cooling. Conversely in the winter the correct sheathing not only acts as a noise barrier, but is also an insulator keeping warm air in.

Long lasting

We’ve already stated that many companies give a guarantee of around 50 years for their roofing when it’s commonplace for others materials to have a lifespan of 10-20 years. This is is because aside from being incredibly strong, modern-day metal roofing is specially treated. This means that it won’t shrink, crack, or erode, effectively looking as good as new for many years to come.


If you believe in the environment and preserving it, then you’ll be pleased to know that with the majority of metal roofs, they contain up to 60% recycled metal. What’s more experts believe that within 50 years, metal products such as aluminium will be made from 90% recycled materials. You don’t get much more environmentally friendly than that!

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