6 Reasons To Choose A Steel Gate

sliding steel gateThere’s no denying that a steel gate can enhance your property and as well as being a security feature it also looks extremely attractive. Steel has been used for gates for decades and have many benefits which all contribute to the efficiency of such a gate. Let’s take a look:

Easy to clean and maintain

When you install a new gate then you need it to be secure as well as smart. Steel gates don’t absorb dirt and can be easily wiped clean. Unlike a wooden gate they won’t rot or warp nor will they require regular maintenance such as rubbing down, staining and varnishing. In fact, our steel gates can be powder coated in the colour of your choice and are able to withstand all the elements of the harsh Australian climate.

Durable and long lasting

Steel gates are extremely durable and can withstand all manner of knocks and bangs. In fact the odd dent can even add to its priceofcialis.com character. Come rain or shine your steel gate will never let you down.

Non germ harbouring

Steel does not harbour germs and is resistant to germs and bacteria more effectively than other materials such as wood and plastic. A steel gate is the ideal choice for families with young children and pets since the gate is easily kept clean.


Steel gates are light in weight and yet surprisingly strong. If your gate is used several times a day then it makes sense to have one that can be opened and shut with relative ease.

Sliding gates

There are many reasons you might like to consider a sliding steel gate for your property or industrial premises. Compared to traditional swing or hanging gates, they are really easy to use, especially if they are automatic and work with the push of a button. Sliding gates also offer more in the way of security since they can be open and shut remotely without having to get out of your vehicle.


If you like bespoke pieces which make your property stand out, then a steel gate is most definitely for you. Here at Metro Steel we can fabricate your gate into any size and shape that you require. Patterns can be cut out of solid panels or we can make fancy railings. Just come to us with your ideas and the chances are that we can make it.

If you’re considering a new gate then let us be of assistance. Call in and see us at our premises at Kabi Circuit Deception Bay or give us a call on 07 3204 1000 to see discuss your project.