Discover The Advantages Of Stainless Steel

Most people will have come across stainless steel at some point in their lives with many of us associating it with kitchenware and surgical instruments. That said you may not have stopped to consider why stainless steel is so popular with designers and why many of them prefer this material over others.

If for your next project you’re in need of a strong, versatile material, then take a look at the benefits of stainless steel, which we’ve listed for you below.

Resistant to corrosion

The fact that stainless steel is resistant to corrosion is one of the most popular reasons for choosing stainless steel. Lower grades of stainless steel are perfect for use in environments where there is water as well as for general atmospheric conditions. Higher grade steels also resist corrosion that’s caused by alkaline or acidic conditions. Stainless steel has a layer of chromium oxide which offers high resistance levels to corrosion, making it suitable for hospitals and industrial plants that require corrosion resistant metal.


Stainless steel is extremely strong, and even in a thin state it can withstand damage from heat, chemicals, and corrosion. Compared to other materials, certain stronger grades of stainless steel boast an impressive ratio of strength to weight. Carbon is often added to stainless steel to make it even stronger, and this is used for manufacturing tools, cutlery, and razor blades.

Manufacturers can reduce the weight and thickness of stainless steel using a technique known as cold-work hardening and on the flip side they can increase its strength by using a heat hardening technique.


Another benefit of using stainless steel is that it’s easy to clean and doesn’t absorb germs. This makes it ideal for places such as kitchens, hospitals, and pharmaceutical facilities which require hygienic sanitary environments.


Many people love the shiny sleek appearance of stainless steel but if that’s not for you, then the steel can be finished in other ways too. Also, there’s no worry about stainless steel fading, rusting or staining over time, so products retain their good looks for longer.


Stainless steel is a dream to work with as it can be fabricated, cut, machined, and welded as necessary. This allows manufacturers to mould it into various shapes for different uses including:

building materials
surgical instruments


Lastly, stainless steel is one of the most recyclable products on the planet, so you’re doing your bit for the environment when you choose to use stainless steel.

Why not consider stainless steel for your next project? Come and talk to Metro Steel and let’s turn your ideas into a reality.

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