Why Civil Engineers Love Structural Steel

Civil engineers use a variety of metals for their projects but by far the most popular is structural steel. Mild steel is the best choice for civil engineers and offers many benefits, so let’s take a closer look.

Reduces building time

In any building project time equates to money and this can be a real problem for architects and construction crews who are being pressed to come in ahead of schedule and under budget. This can lead to short cuts being taken which may lead to unsafe procedures or a finished product that isn’t quite up to scratch.

Structural steel buildings can be constructed off site. The parts can be structured within weeks at the manufacturing plant, following the approval of drawings, and delivered to the construction site. All that’s left to do is a quick and easy assembly with the finished components on site. This has the ability to reduced construction time by as much as 50%.

Incredibly versatile

Structural steel has unrivalled versatility over other types of metal and can be moulded into virtually any shape. Architects and designers can let their artistic imagination run wild knowing that they can still design a building that is safe and resilient.

Steel is lighter than wood

Steel I-beams weigh less than the lightest wood beam designs. Not only does it mean less labour is needed to build with steel but because of its lower weight advantage, shipping costs will be reduced too. What’s more, the design for a building’s foundations can be simplified as can the system of structural supports, which can also reduce building costs.

Save money with steel

Most of the costs saved by using steel come from needing less labour and a reduced construction time, but in addition to these main cost benefits, there are other ways that building with steel can save money:

  • Steel can be recycled so there are no land fill charges. In addition many waste removal sites will pick up steel and metal waste at no additional cost

  • As steel is so durable there is very little maintenance required and this makes it a more economic choice for building owners. In the course of a lifetime, a steel building can save its owners thousands of dollars owing to minimal repairs, replacements, and maintenance fees

  • Steel prices are now lower than ever because of great competition to meet the rising demand for steel. These savings can ultimately be passed on to the consumer

  • Insurance companies offer lower premiums on underwritten policies for metal buildings because of their ability to withstand high winds, fire, and seismic activities

Energy efficient

Finally, steel buildings are extremely energy efficient when combined with other design elements. High quality prefabricated parts combined with adequate insulation, means a building is comfortable and air tight.

If you have any construction projects in mind then you should also consider structural because of its many benefits. Let’s talk. Contact Metro Steel today on 07 3204 1000 we have decades of experience in working with steel.

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