Which Type Of Powder Coating Do You Need?

In many manufacturing applications it’s important to apply specialised powder steel coatings. Aside from adding a splash of colour to an otherwise dull finish, powder coating provides a great deal of protection too. But the question is… with a multitude of coatings available, which type should you use?

Applying the right application

Because powder coating isn’t a ‘one application suits all‘ type of protection, for best results, applications should match both the type of metal and their use. In order to avoid confusion and despite the fact that there are many degrees of powder coating, they can be broken down into two main categories for ease of use. These are…

Thermoplastic coating– When heated up and then cooled, thermoplastic powder coating tends to have altered properties because of its molecular make-up.

Thermoset coating – As the name suggests the molecular structure of thermoset powder coating remains the same (or is set) when heated up and cooled.

So what does this mean for metal?

The right coating should always be applied depending on usage. Thermoset powder coating for example offers greater resistance against higher temperatures, gives an glossy attractive appearance, and is cost effective to apply. Thermoplastic powder coating on the other hand has superb impact resistance and is incredibly adhesive to metal, so it sticks easily. In addition it’s detergent and chemical resistant and offers superb electrical insulation. The down side is that it’s more expensive to apply.


Despite the fact that thermoset plastic is the most common and indeed is the more budget-friendly of the two types, it’s thermoplastic powder coating that arguably offers the best performance. In fact when all things are considered, Thermoplastic knocks it’s counterpart right out of the ball park. It offers superior chip and corrosion resistance, it can also be remoulded and reshaped, and in this instance is highly recyclable.

However, let’s not get carried away! We’re not suggesting for one minute that thermoset powder coatings are beyond useless. On the contrary, it offers the ideal protection if the item or part isn’t subjected to excessively high temperatures, high salt content – eg. sea air and/or high UV levels. However if that is the case, and in addition the item or part is subjected to continual degreasing and/or cleaning, then the best form of protective coating is probably thermoplastic.

Here at Metro Steel we offer a wide range of powder coating treatments including thermoset and thermoplastic designs, so we can ensure the very best protection for its use. For further information about powder coating, or if you’d like to talk to us about a particular project you need assistance with, contact us on 07 3204 1000 and speak to one of our experts who can help today.

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