What’s The Best Material For A Mezzanine Floor?

mezzanineA mezzanine floor is a raised or elevated platform that’s constructed in between the floor and ceiling of a building or premises. They come in all shapes and sizes and are constructed to maximise the use of what is known as ‘vertical space’. They’re ideal for warehouses and storage facilities that have outgrown their current space, but in addition they can also add extra space to a home when bricks and mortar extensions aren’t a viable option.

So now you know a bit about the functionality of a mezzanine floor, what type of material works best? Let’s take a closer look…

Mezzanine flooring can be designed very much around a customers needs and for this reason they may require different materials to suit those needs. For storage or industrial use for example many people prefer to use particle board. This is usually fastened to a stainless steel structure, similarly to roofing beams and tiles. The particle board can then be used as a sub floor onto which all manner of carpets, tiles, and vinyl can be laid. You can even lay wood laminate if you so wish.

Composite board

The type of board that’s designed to be used on mezzanine flooring is 38mm composite and is designed to handle loads of up to 500kgs of shelving on up to four points. Composite boards specially designed for mezzanine flooring are constructed with a tongue and groove all the way round. This provides a single skin or a flat surface which is spread over the steel beamed structure underneath.


The other type of material usually reserved for mezzanine flooring is steel. As well as a steel sub-structure similar to particle board, it also has a steel top. This can then be galvanised, painted, or powder coated to protect against corrosion. In addition the stainless steel plates can also be stippled or patterned to show off a particular effect.

The all-steel option is certainly the stronger choice and can easily handle loads two or three times that of particle board. It’s ideal for use in the food industry where the deck is normally galvanised for protection. It can be shaped to just about any design you wish and can be powder coated or painted a wide variety of colours for that modern-funky look. It’s also ideal for café’s, restaurants, and apartments wanting to project that industrial feel. However ultimately all this comes at a cost and is certainly not the cheap option, but what you get for your money is a structure that’s both long lasting and unique.

If you’re unsure about the type of material to use as your mezzanine structure then you might want to contact Metro Steel for advice. We’ve been fabricating steel products for many years and as such we can help you to make the right practical and cost choices Contact us today on 07 3204 1000 to find out more. Alternatively if you’re in the Deception Bay area of Queensland you can always pop into our Kabi Circuit Fabrication shop and talk to us first hand.