What It Takes To Become A Metal Fabricator

custom metal fabrication serviceIt’s fair to say that for the majority of metal fabricators their job is far from mundane and boring. In fact the job is pretty varied and every day can be different. This is why metal fabricators have to have the relevant skills in order to be adaptable so that they can meet the changing demands of their customers. If you think that this might be the career for you, then what does it take? Let’s take a closer look.


If you believe that this field of industry is right for you then you’ll need to have a good head for figures, so a maths qualification is ideal. Vocational training or an apprentice program is also going to help your career. Finally candidates will also need to have specialist knowledge of the tools used within the industry such as basic welding skills. This is a critical component of the fabrication process.

Skills needed

Mathematical skills including geometry, algebra and a good analytical ability in order to closely follow work plans and blue prints are key. Fabricators may also need to demonstrate the basic knowledge needed for processes such as rigging, structural erecting, ornamental decorative work and machine casting. Finally they also need to demonstrate competence with the tools of the trade such as welding units, cutting tools, and presses


Fabricators do need to be in physical good shape as they may be asked to work at height or deal with heavy machinery, particularly in the construction industry. They also need good vision and have the concentration to be able to work to precision when in a noisy or hot environment.

Types of fabrication

Fabricators in the main work with metal, in particular materials such as steel, aluminium, and galvanised iron. However it isn’t unknown for them to work with other components such as plastic or even precious metals. They might be asked to manufacture component parts for cars or aircraft, or to manufacture small components for appliances or the computer industry. Metal fabricators can also be asked to make one-off bespoke pieces such as a set of decorative gates for a large house, or mezzanine flooring to aid storage in a warehouse.

As you can see, the fabrication industry is varied and highly skilled and what’s more, metal fabricators are very much in demand.

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