What are the Benefits of Powder Coating in Steel Fabrication?

Powder coating is an extremely popular method of painting metal parts with plenty of colours and finishes to choose from. It also has numerous benefits over traditional paint methods which can enhance the visibility and value of the finish in a number of different applications.

7 benefits of powder coating in steel fabrication

  1. Efficient – Powder coating uses an electromagnetic charge to hold the powder on to the part, with the result that there is very little wastage. In addition, the power coating expert can spray as much, or as little powder as is necessary in one single application. This alleviates the need to wait for paint to dry between layers and allows it to cure evenly. This saves time and money in operating costs.
  2. Cost effective – In addition to the money saved by not needing to apply several layers, powder coating offers other monetary benefits. The raw materials used in the process can be bought specifically depending on the size and specification of the project in hand. Powder is less costly than liquid paint from the outset and can also be stored in a way that takes up less room than paint cans.
  3. Durable – In terms of its finish, powder coating is more durable than other paint options. The powder melts and forms long chemical chains during the curing process making it more flexible and allowing for a small level of flexing and bending as your parts move or vibrate. It can also resist flaking, scratching, and corrosion.
  4. Variety – While there are colours that are common to powder paint, one of the great benefits of this type of paint option is that the colour and finish can be completely customised. The manufacturer can make whatever colour you want plus texture like wrinkles or glitter can be added. There is also a wide range of options from matt to high gloss. No other type of paint offers so many options.
  5. Environmentally safe – Powder paint is considered safe for use and disposal since the powder used is free from solvents and chemicals. It is important, however, for painters to wear masks so they don’t inhale the powder and protective clothing to avoid contact with their skin.
  6. Overall quality – Both the curing and the application of powder coating creates a top-quality product unlike anything else out there. Because the powder melts and blends together an even surface is obtained right across the part being coated. It’s also not subjected to runs or drips, like wet paint. As a result, there’s no need for sanding or refinishing if a mistake is made.
  7. Maintenance – Finally, powder coating is very easy to maintain in the long term. No special solvents are needed to clean it; instead all that’s necessary is a wipe down with soapy water and a clean cloth before rinsing it off. For most applications a wipe just a couple of times a year should suffice.

It’s easy to see why powder coating is such a popular option which is why it’s one we recommend to our customers. Who doesn’t want a finish that is high quality, wear and weather resistant, and easy to maintain?

If you’d like to know more about the powder coating process and whether it’s suitable for your project, get in touch with the experts at Metro Steel. Call today on 07 3204 1000.

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