What Are The Benefits of Powder Coating for Metal Products

benefits of powder coating for metal

So, your metal project has been completed but you’re considering how it should be finished. The good news is that there are several finishes to consider including paint and powder coating but which is best? We take a look at the benefits of powder coating for metal that you may not be aware of.

Benefits of powder coating for metal

Powder coating when compared to paint is a more advanced finishing option for your metal fabrication project and is a service that we provide at Metro Steel for around the same price. But why choose it over paint, what are the benefits?

Quality appearance

Powder coating is extremely versatile and besides a wide range of standard colours, there are a plethora of custom colours to provide you with the perfect look for your product or part. It’s even possible to incorporate patterns and textures utilising the powder coating technique. Thanks to texture options you can add glitter or wrinkles to custom parts and you can provide additional traction for manufactured walkways.

Overall, powder coating provides a better appearance than paint since it melts and flows together, resulting in a smooth even finish. Unlike paint, there are no risks of runs and drips or an uneven coating. Furthermore, there is no sanding or refinishing once the powder coating has been applied. Finally, the coat is twice as thick compared to paint which ensures it is strong and long-lasting.

Benefits of powder coating for metal – Added durability

Another of the benefits of powder coating is that it is more durable than a paint option. The coating is more pliable and will bend or flex a small amount as a part moves or vibrates. Powder coating also enables steel to withstand the wear and tear that is often caused by inclement weather and other factors since it’s resistant to flaking, corrosion and scratching. It can help prevent corrosion of steel parts and extend the life of components that are used in working environments or outdoors. By powder coating your products, your clients can benefit from knowing that their parts have a longer lifespan.

Environment and health

Powder coating is way more friendly for the environment than paint. Liquid finished products include solvents (VOC’s) or volatile organic compounds that can cause damage when released into the atmosphere. These have also been linked to serious health problems for those exposed to them over a long period. Not only have they caused cancer in animals, but headaches, dizziness and nausea in humans. By opting for powder coating over liquid finishing, you can avoid these potential dangers.

Cost efficiency

The last of the benefits of powder coating for metal is that it is more efficient than paint. Little waste is produced because of the electromagnetic charge used to secure the powder to the part. An experienced operator can use the applicator to spray just the right amount, wasting as little as possible. Because no drying time is needed before the second part of the process, a person also saves time and money. Furthermore, the raw materials purchased for the job can be based on the exact specifications and size of the project so that no money is wasted on buying more than is needed. The powder also costs less than paint – another cost-saving factor. Lastly, the storage of powder coating is considerably less than that needed for cans of paint.

Now you know the benefits of powder coating for metal, why not consider this option for your next project? We have years of experience in honing our skills at Metro Steel to deliver a quality product and great bottom-line value. Call our experts on 07 3204 1000 for more information or drop by our facility in Deception

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