Top Reasons To Choose Steel Over Wood In Construction

We’re often asked why most people consider steel preferable to wood in construction. Is there a solid reason for this? Naturally working with steel all day every day could possibly make our answer seem a little biased, but once you read on, we’re sure you’ll find yourself in agreement.

Consistency and long term performance

Steel structures provide you with the assurance of consistently performing well over the long term. Unlike timber steel will not rot, split, crack, or warp, whatever the weather, neither does it contract or expand depending on the moisture content. In addition steel is not vulnerable to damage from termites. Finally, all steel framing has to meet strict national standards so there are no regional differences.

Steel does not contribute to fire

Since steel is a non-combustible material there is less rick of fire to the occupants of a building, the property owners, and firefighters.

Performs well in extreme conditions

With its resilience, strength and pliable form, steel has significant advantages over other types of building materials when natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes strike, or in extreme conditions such as a blast or fire.

Improves design, saves time, and costs less

Steel has a larger strength to weight ratio than wood which means architects can allow for wider frame spacing and bigger bays than when using wood. This increased flexibility serves to maximise the floor space for occupants and tenants. Steel is typically fabricated off site which reduces the cost of on-site labour and reduces construction waste. Since construction time is faster this means buildings can be occupied more quickly and lowers finance costs.

Environmental benefits

Steel framing results in less job site waste and scrap than lumber. In addition steel is highly recycled – in fact it has a recycling rate of 98%, meaning that this same steel will still be in use in hundreds of years time, impacting less on future generations. Even more impressive, when steel is recycled it loses none of its inherent properties and can be used in all sorts of products including cars, bridges, and cans.

A dependable material such as steel means that steel framed structures are a wise investment, not just for the builders but for the occupants who work and live in them. Besides, wouldn’t you rather know that your new build has come from recycled materials rather than involving cutting down a tree?

Here at Metro Steel we can take steel and turn it into practically anything you want it for. If you have a steel project in mind then why not come and speak to the experts to see how we can help you. Drop by and visit us in person at our premises at Kabi-Circuit, Deception Bay or give us a call on 07 3204 1000. We look forward to doing business with you.

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