The Benefits Of Using Galvanised Steel In Security

In a world where criminal activity is a constant threat, it pays to be as security conscious as you possibly can; and when it comes to protecting properties and possessions, galvanised steel remains the top choice for security purposes.

Galvanised steel, in case you’re unsure, is steel that’s been strengthened by galvanisation. This process is a chemical one which involves passing steel through a molten zinc bath which is kept at a temperature of around 860º F. After this the steel gets coated again with even more rust resistant material, usually zinc, and exposed to the open air in order that the oxygen will react with the metal.

This procedure means that a piece of wire or mild steel tube, can thereby resist oxidisation and corrosion, making it perfect for outdoor use. Available in a wide range of thicknesses and forms, such as rolls, sheets, and tubes, it’s very strong and remains strong even when exposed to adverse weather conditions and moisture. So now you know why galvanised steel makes such a good choice in security, let’s take a look at the common ways it’s used.

  • Steel fencing –  red and blue Galvanised steel wire is truly remarkable and can be used around the perimeter of your property to deter both thieves and wild animals. Because of its strength it’s really difficult to cut through it. Many homeowners use it on top of a wall to prevent intruders from climbing in.

  • Shutter doors – The usual way of creating a barrier between the front door and the outside world for many premises, both residential and business, is with the use of galvanised shutter doors. Because they’re weather proof they make for a long term investment and can even be fitted with an electric motor to make them easier to use.

  • Field and garden gates – As well as being incredibly strong, galvanised steel is also extremely malleable and can be shaped in slatted end or box end styles which are often seen at entrances to footpaths and bridleways and include hollow sections to improve their strength. They’re a great choice in rural areas where the climate is harsh.

  • Window screens – Finally, galvanised steel weld mesh can be used to create a wide range of screens and guards in both home and business security. Easy to fabricate and virtually unbreakable, it can be used in protective cages, machine guards, fencing, and anti-burglar screens for windows.

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